How To Activate and Use Ford Sync Navigation? (Easy Steps)

Ford Sync is a car communication system and a revolutionary technology in the auto industry. It allows users to make hands-free phone calls, get directions on the go, voice-activated app control, play music, and more. 

Also, the system consists of multiple applications along with multiple control mechanisms such as voice commands, radio controls, or manual controls. 

So as a new user, it might be difficult for you to navigate the system and locate the appropriate option.

In this article, we will try to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Ford Sync. Let’s jump into the details.

Is navigation free on Ford Sync?

The Ford Sync navigation system is not available for free. You have to subscribe to the navigation service. The subscription cost for the Ford sync navigation per year is around $80. 

Initially, consumers receive a 90 day trial for the navigation service. After the trial period, you must enter into a service agreement.

You must manually renew within 30 days of the expiration date. Process is easy and does not require much time. Go to the Ford website, Go to your Ford Account and sign in. 

Select Renew from the Connected Services link. Accept the following terms and conditions. And then click Finish Purchase. 

That’s all; you’ve completed your task. The benefit of Ford Sync is that it does not require any additional costs because it operates through your smartphone.

How do I activate Ford navigation?

To active the navigational trial for 90 days, which begins on the first day of the new Vehicle’s warranty period, you have to do the following:

Step-1: Create a Ford Account

Creating a Ford account requires a few steps. Your first job is to go to the ford’s website and register. 

  • Because you do not already have an account, click Log in and then click on create an account, 
  • Provide an email address, preferably one that will not change and is unique to you.
  • To verify yourself, click Request Email. This will send you a validation email that you must retrieve and respond to. You have two hours to answer, after which you will have to re-request the email.
  • After you’ve been validated, you’ll be asked to create a password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy.
  • After that, click Create Account, and you’re done!

Step-2: Download the Fordapp

After the ford account is created, your next job is to download the Fordpass app from the App Store or Google Play store. 

The good news is that you won’t have to register in the Ford pass app again because the app uses the same information that you use while creating the ford account. So, you use the same Login information that you have just created.

Step-3: Activate Ford Navigation

Activating Ford navigation also requires a few more steps. 

  • Log in to the FordPass App using the same Login detail
  • Now you have to link your FordPass Connect-equipped Vehicle. To do so, press the + sign.
  • Type your VIN and then select active Vehicle
  • There is a Prompts on the SYNC screen to active the modem

Your navigational trial will be active as soon as the modem is activated.

How to Use Ford Sync Navigation?

Turn the light on; you will see the blue background of the screen. There are several Modes and options in the Ford Sync Navigation. We will talk about them. We will discuss an updated version ford Sync 3. Let’s see what you can do:

Map Mode

As soon as you turn on the Sync, Map takes up nearly half of the screen. Also, the screen features audio, phone, apps, settings, and many other buttons. By tapping any of the buttons or simply clicking on the Map, you can get navigation.

The screen will expand after you press the Map, and you will see various other options with different icons. You have a +/- button to Zoon in and out to the further away or closer view. 

You can also select auto. Also, by using your finger, you may zoom in and out. The direction you’re traveling is indicated with a red arrow. You can make it go north or any other direction by clicking the arrow.


You can access the Menu on the corner; inactive navigation, you can touch the screen. Pressing the menu, you will get 10 different options to go through. 

You will get further route guidance options, including Screen View, Cancel Route, Route overview, and many more. For example, in the traffic list button, it will show you a list of racks of construction or different things like that that would cause your trip to be prolonged or delayed.

There are a bunch of things here in the navigation sitting, such as map preferences, navigation preferences, and route preferences. By clicking each option, you will get access to the further options. 

For example, in the navigation preference button, you will get three other options: Voice only, Tone only, or Voice and Tones.

There are many other buttons; you must try them on your own and learn.

Options in the Destination Mode

To set the destination or go inside the destination mode, press the destination icon. There are many available options in the destination icon. We will talk about them briefly.

  • Search – To set a destination. You can do it by using a free text search.
  • Previous Destination – By pressing a button, you will get a history of your last 40 destinations. You can select anyone to set your current destination.
  • Home-Here you will be able to set your destination.
  • Work-To set your work destination.
  • Favorites-This icon includes previously saved locations. You can also add your favorite location here.
  • Point of interest Categories-Here you would get along the route or near destination Food, Fuel, Hotel, or ATM.  

More options in the Road Guidance Mode 

After you have selected the destination, the destination will be viewed on the screen, and you will be able to choose several other options.

  • Next Turn– To get the next guidance instruction.
  • Point of Interest- Here, you will get up to 3 POI categories
  • Estimated Time of Arrival – To know about the estimated time of arrival, distance to destination, or time to destination.  
  • Bottom Bar-Current available road
  • Mute-To mute the voice guidance instruction.

Options in the Map search 

Available options for the map mode include: 

  • Re-center-To re-center the Map on the Vehicle’s current location    
  • Crosshair –To readjust the selected location.
  • Rotation bar-To rotate the Map
  • Start-To select the destination
  • The bottom bar-Shows the name of the destination place
  • Controls- Using this button gives you access to the navigation button.

You shouldn’t be surprised when you see Ford sync for the first time. You will be able to handle it effortlessly over time as you become accustomed to it.


Ford has introduced Sync 4 as its fourth version of Ford Sync. With more updates and intelligent technology, it’s gone to make your driving experience seamless and easy.

However, as stated earlier, you should not be freaking out while seeing the Sync Screen for the first time. 

We try to give you a comprehensive idea about Ford Sync 3. You also learn about how to activate the Ford Navigation service. 

We hope our effort helps reduce your fear and provides you with enough confidence to use it properly.

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