How To Engage 4 Wheel Drive On Ford F250? [3 Easy Steps]

While driving Ford F250, No one really wants to get stuck in a sleepy or muddy road. Just because someone doesn’t know when to activate 4 wheel drive mode, the entire off-road driving experience may be ruined.  However, the Ford F250 comes with multiple variations in its 4 wheel drive mode. It is better to know about them before embarking on a joy ride. 

The procedure for engaging on 4WD modes is simple, you simply have to ensure that the vehicle is neutral. Then, using the selector knob in the F250’s dash, pick 4WD from the four options provided. Now, You are good to enjoy the powerful ride of four-wheel drive.

Well, this is the shortest possible answer to this query. But, we have designed this writing so that you can explore more about 4 wheel driving mode and other relevant aspects. So, To learn more, Continue reading!

What is 4 wheel drive on Ford F250?

A 4 wheel drive simply means the power of the engine is distributed to all four wheels. Conversely, In a two-wheel drive mood, all the engine’s power is sent to the rear wheels. But, one can turn F250 from 2H into 4 HD mode with a simple mechanical change. 

If you follow manual activation, then the switch in the rear wheel’s middle needs to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to lock and unlock the 4W driving mode. And then, before you ignite the vehicle, change the knob from 2H to 4H. As a result front axle receives power from the engine.

Normally, vehicles on a standard highway run on two wheels. However, if the weather condition isn’t favorable, you might have to switch to a four-wheel drive. One disadvantage is that it takes more gas to travel the same distance as it would if the automobile were in 2w mode.

What drive Modes are in Ford F250?

The driving modes do not differ significantly from one vehicle to the next. For different models, it’s essentially the same. There are four driving modes from the previous to the new Ford F250. The more technologically advanced a vehicle is, the more unique modes it possesses.

Normal Mode or 2H: This is the mode that is utilized in everyday driving. The normal mode is retained by default once you purchase the vehicle. It is the most well-balanced driving mode, which requires the least amount of steering effort.

Ford F250 Eco Mode or 4A: Usually, in F250, you would find a switch and a visual sign that shows how to shift gears and possible available options for Modes. This mode improves fuel efficiency by limiting the highest power.

Snow Mode or 4L: The engine’s power is split between two axles for more torque when the car is in this mode. So,  the sleepy road is not an issue anymore.

Off-Road Mode or 4H: This driving mode is available on the Ford F250 for specialized off-road driving conditions such as mud, snow, soft sand, and grass.

How to Engage 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F250?

The procedure to change the drive mode depends on the type of ford you are riding right now. In Ford F250, the process is quite easy to follow. Below, we have discussed the step-by-step process.

First Step – Choose Neutral Mode

The beautiful thing about Ford is that almost all of them have a computerized display that shows you all of the changes you need to make. First, before you change the modes, put your vehicle into neutral mode. If the vehicle is running, It is vital to slow down the vehicle to less than 3 km per hour while changing modes.

Why is it the case? While the drive mode is changed, the car’s mechanical system is also modified. The front driveshaft is changed and activated by the transfer case control mechanism, engaging the front axle. Which in turn assists the front wheel in receiving power from the engine.

Second Step: Lock the Hub

The hubs located in the center of the rear wheel can be rotated clockwise to lock and counter-clockwise to unlock. If the hubs are freed, the wheel does not receive power from the engine. The front wheel receives power from the engine while it is locked. Moreover, if the hubs are in the lock position, it does not work in conjunction with the ESOF of the vehicle.

Last Step: Change the drive selector knob.

There are four driving modes in the Ford F250 such as 4H, 4A, 4L, and 2H. To engage 4 wheel drive, choose from these options available in the knob. You will be able to see the message in the display after changing the mode. While changing the switch from 2H to 4H, or in any other modes, make sure the car is stopped or moving very slowly.


Step two may not be required because the 4WD choice switch in the dash activates the vacuum system within the car, which locks the hub automatically and enables the transfer case to engage the front axle. As a result, engine power is transferred to the first two wheels. You may check the user Manuel or the website of ford motor for the procedure.

When to use 4 Wheel drive Mode on Ford F250?

If you often go off-road, you might employ 4WD mode on your Ford F250. It increases the car’s torque and reduces the payload. There are three options for the Ford F250 such as

  • 4WD High
  • 4WD Low
  • 4WD Automatic

You can choose one of these depending on the situation. Driving in the snow requires 4WD High. 4WD Low boosts torque and keeps you out of trouble. 4WD Automatic assists in preventing the vehicle from becoming drowsy. One word of caution: don’t utilize 4WD mode unless absolutely necessary; else, you risk damaging joints and prematurely wearing out wires.

Advantages and disadvantages to engage 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F250

4WD and its variation in modern F250 have their advantages and disadvantages. We are giving you a few reasons why you want to engage 4WD.


  • The Ford F250 4×4 is significantly superior for off-roading. It does not put your safety at risk while the car ascends or descends a narrow hill track.
  • You have more options in the fF250 that can be altered depending on the situation. The 2H mode is for routine driving and 4H mode for various purposes.
  • Major advantages include increased power and traction. The particular situation necessitates the activation of all four wheels, something the F250 is perfectly capable of.


  • Vehicles are more expensive if they are more technologically advanced,.
  • The vehicle’s fuel efficiency decreases when it is in 4WD mode.

Which driving mode is best on Ford F250?

Moods can be divided into two categories. The first is a 2H drive mode, while the second is a 4H drive mode. In its proper environment, each mode functions better. 

If you’re driving on a slope or in the snow and need a lot of traction, the Ford F250 will perform better in four-wheel low mode. The 2H mode, on the other hand, is preferable on a standard highway route. In 2H mode, two rear wheels receive power from the engine, and the front wheels follow them.


Finally, we successfully evaluated all the relevant aspects of why, when, and how you should engage four-wheel drive in the Ford F250. Besides, you have also learned about the benefits and drawbacks of using the 4HW mode.

In a car, a four-wheel-drive is an excellent feature. Manufacturers are better able to equip the vehicle with this feature to make the vehicle efficiently face harsh and muddy roads. Now, It’s your turn to learn all the fantastic features of your vehicles 4 wheel drive mode. Happy learning!

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