Toyota TrueStart Battery vs Interstate: Detailed Comparison

Do you need to do a jump start in your car recently? If yes, maybe it is high time for a battery change. Slow-cranking when starting up, pausing when the engine turns over, or even corrosion on batteries are significant signs of battery replacement.

Now, which battery should you choose for your vehicle? Several different renowned brands are offering strong, long-lasting batteries out there. So, wheeler owners often get confused like, “Toyota True Start battery vs Interstate”, which one to pick!

In this article, you will know all the detailed specifications of the Toyota True Start battery and Interstate battery. So, without more delay, let’s get into the details straight.

Comparison Chart – Toyota TrueStart Battery vs Interstate

Toyota True Start BatteryInterstate
AGM Lead-Acid batteryAGM Lead-Acid battery
575 Cold Cranking Amps700  Cold Cranking Amps
130 minutes of Reserve Capacity130 minutes of Reserve Capacity
84 months warranty84 months warranty
12 Volts battery12 Volts battery
Strong sealed build caseStrong sealed build case
Expensive in price than InterstateCheaper in price than Toyota True Start

In-depth Comparison – Toyota TrueStart Battery vs Interstate

From the comparison chart above, we got a quick look at both of the batteries. Now, let’s figure out the details of these two market exciting car batteries.

Battery Type

Toyota True Start battery and Interstate battery both are the same AGM Lead-Acid batteries. AGM batteries are different from the traditional Flooded Lead-Acid batteries. Well, there is still lead and acid in the AGM batteries. But separately.

The benefit of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is you do not need to worry about the suspension leaking out in any chance because the Absorbed Glass Mat technology uses Fiberglass Mats to carry the battery solution. So, ultimately there is no liquid sloping around the battery. 

Besides, you get all the power stacked in a sorted way. You can also get AGM batteries in a cylindrical shape. But, Toyota True Start and Interstate have square-shaped ones. 

Moreover, you do not need to put in water as you did in the old traditional batteries. Using these batteries is more like installing them and forgetting them.

BCI Number

The BCI number tells a lot about the battery. Previously it was called the group number. But now, it is called the BCI number. The code or the combination of letters and numbers tells the battery’s width, length, and height. It is essential to check the BCI number and reconfirm it with the group size number of your vehicle. 

Both Toyota True Start and Interstate batteries are available in different BCI numbers. Make sure the one you buy fits in the vehicle you want to run.


Almost all modern-day cars have the same 12 Volts battery. Some will have 48 Volts shortly (2019 Audi A6 already has it). But talking about now, Toyota True Start and Interstate are 12 Volts batteries, suitable for every car.

In these AGM batteries, there are six cells that each produce 2 Volts or a little more. Altogether the battery produces 12 Volts of power.

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold Cranking Amps is something highly significant for you if you often drive in hard and cold weather. CCA is the short form of Cold Cranking Amps. 

CCA is a measured power or durability that is offered to the car. It means the number of amps that the battery can deliver at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty seconds. The more CCA number means the battery can do the work more efficiently, which will result in better cold starts and better performance in brutally cold weather.

We can see Toyota True Star has a CCA of 575. On the other hand, Interstate has a CCA of 700. So, we have the clear winner Interstate with us in terms of Cold Cranking Amps.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity does not mean any separately reserved or stored power in the battery. These car batteries can not store any power for later use. But, it is the amount of time that a battery can deliver the minimal quantity of amps at a specific temperature. 

In mathematical terms, reserve capacity means the battery can deliver 25 amps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Toyota True Start and Interstate both of the batteries have a reserve capacity of 130 minutes. So, you can see there is no fundamental difference between the two batteries in this case. 

Case Quality

No matter how efficient your battery is, if it doesn’t come in a quality case, it can cause you harm because the battery case is the thing that will protect you and your car from the harsh chemical suspension.

A fragile battery case will not be able to ensure protection. The above batteries come with a sealed solid case which ensures protection. If you use any batteries on roads that may cause bumps and moves, you don’t need to worry about any leakage.

Warranty and Replacement

Warranty is the thing that you might be looking for at first. As batteries are used for a more extended period in a car, you need to get one that has that much warranty. 

Toyota True Start battery has 48 months of warranty, 24 months of free replacement and 24 months of roadside assistance reimbursement. It means you can get a new replaced Toyota True Start battery if anything happens wrong with the one you bought. Interstate battery also comes with 48 months of warranty and free replacement availability.

Toyota True StartBattery or Interstate – Which one to choose?

Choosing one battery between Toyota True State and Interstate is not challenging if you know about the honest user review. The wheeler owners stated different responses using these two different batteries.

In the car/jeep forums, Toyota True Start owners are not happy with the service. Even the warranty replaced battery didn’t work out for most of them. 

But, in terms of Interstate, you can see a different scenario. The Interstate owners are delighted with the service. The battery went much longer than the warranty said. It is a great battery instead.

Besides, the Interstate is half of the price of a Toyota True Start. So, why pay double if you can get better performance at a lower price? Now, this might help you to choose one between these batteries.


Who makes Toyota True Start batteries?

Toyota makes the original Toyota True Start batteries. Toyota says you should use the specified battery in your individual Toyota vehicle. Also, they come with a replacement based warranty on their batteries.

Is Toyota True Start battery AGM?

Yes. Toyota True Start battery is AGM Lead-Acid battery. Fiberglass Mat is used in the AGM technology to build the battery. The Absorbed Glass Mat abstracts the acid solution in the battery and turns that into power for a smooth start in the engine.

Are Toyota True Start batteries good?

You can see different responses about the quality of the Toyota True Start battery. Although it comes with a free replacement warranty for two years, many users claim it is not worth it. Other users said this battery worked well for them. 

Is Interstate battery the best?

In many cases, it has been seen, Interstate has outperformed other popular batteries in the automotive industry. So, you can say Interstate is one of the best car batteries available.

Are Interstate batteries worth the money?

The Interstate users have said that investing in Interstate is one of the best investments they have made because this battery comes at a very reasonable price at first. Secondly, the outstanding lifespan is record-breaking. You do not have to worry about a battery change for a long time. So yes. Interstate is definitely worth the money.

Final Words

We have come to the end of the “Toyota True Start Battery vs Interstate” discussion now. Before buying one from the above, make sure you go through all the specifications. Again check the terminal position in the battery. 

Suppose the terminals are situated opposite in the battery than in the car. In that case, you will face trouble connecting the battery because the cables in the car are not stretchable nor suitable to strain to connect.

After installing a battery, keep it maintained. You should go for a battery check even if you face a little of an irregular situation in your car start. Moreover, check for corrosion over the battery after a while. Maintaining batteries can prolong the lifespan and give you outstanding performance for a long time.

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