GMC Canyon bolt pattern information: how can you change bolt pattern easily?

The bolt pattern is the most important part of changing a wheel when changing seasons or when buying new wheels. If you do not know what cars use a 6×5 5 bolt pattern, in this article, you can learn what parameters are important to consider when bolting GMC Canyon wheels.

gmc canyon bolt pattern

What is the GMC Canyon bolt pattern?

The bolt pattern on the GMC Canyon is 6×120. In this case, 6 is the number of holes, and 120 is the diameter. Here you see an even number of holes. Thus, the bolt pattern represents the distance from the middle of one hole to the center of the hole on the opposite side.

What does bolt pattern mean?

The ring nuts are the nuts that will be used to attach the wheels to the GMC Canyon. These nuts are located near each wheel hub.

The hub allows the wheels to rotate in proportion to the truck body.

Also, the hub is responsible for ensuring that the car drives smoothly and without any resistance.

The hub is also responsible for ensuring that a good hitch is carried out between the car and the road surface. Thus, you can confidently drive a car even at high speeds.

The clamp

The clamp nut is a metal cylinder. It is small but very important and required for many purposes.

The ring nut

The ring nut can hold the wheel in place. And if at first, it seems that its function is quite simple, then it is not. The angle of the wheel changes with every turn and impact.

Therefore, the clamping nut must be strong enough to withstand such changes without breaking or flattening.

Most often, the ring nut is made of steel and has the shape of a cone. It is thanks to this form that it can be easily tightened using a wrench.

With nuts and wheel studs, you can attach the GMC rims. Nuts have been used for a very long time and as a standard when replacing tires. But over time, their important drawback was noted. When loosening a flat tire, you spend a lot of time unscrewing the nuts. Studs are bolts that attach the rim to the hub or brake drum. They have flat heads on one side.

They can be tightened from above using a wrench. Nuts have rounded sides. And therefore they can be turned from below using a wrench.

Measuring the location of wheel bolts on the GMC Canyon

To perform the necessary manipulations, you must have tools that will help you avoid wasting time and effort on loosening GMC Canyon wheels.

An important tool in the process of loosening GMC Canyon wheels is a floor jack.

If you don’t have one, then you won’t be able to lift your GMC Canyon or remove a tire.

You need to place the floor jack directly under the jack point. Next, start pushing the jack handle until the GMC Canyon wheel is off the ground.

It is allowed to remove any of the four tires and measure the bolt pattern. It is better to remove the rear wheel so that the hub does not interfere with the measurement.

What gives knowledge of the bolt pattern parameters in the GMC Canyon?

If you have a 6×6.7 bolt pattern, that means there are 6 lug holes. Also, now you know that the distance between these holes is 6.7 inches.

GMC Canyon wheels size

So, let’s see, what are the size of wheels GMC Canyon?

GMC Canyon specs 2020-2021

  • GMC Canyon bolt pattern PCD – 6×120
  • Center bore – 66.9 mm
  • Lug nuts – M14 × 1.5
  • Tire size: R16-R20, 255/65, 265-55/65/60/70

GMC Canyon 2018-2020

  • GMC Canyon bolt pattern PCD – 6×120
  • Center bore – 66.9 mm
  • Lug nuts – M12 × 1.5
  • Tire size: R16-R20, 255-55/65, 265/65, 265-55/60/70

GMC Canyon 2015-2017

  • GMC Canyon bolt pattern PCD – 6×120
  • Center bore – 100 mm
  • Lug nuts – M12 × 1.5
  • Tire size: R16-R20, 255-55/65, 265-55/60/65/70

GMC Canyon 2004-2012

  • GMC Canyon bolt pattern PCD – 6×139.7
  • Center bore – 77.8 mm
  • Lug nuts – M12 × 1.5
  • Tire size: R15-R22, 205/75, 215-65/70, 225-65/70/75, 235-55/60/65/70/75, 245-40/50, 255-50/55, 265-30/40/45/50/60/65/70/75

Tire sizes

Having considered the minimum to the maximum available wheel sizes for the GMC Canyon, let’s move on to the question of the possibility of increasing or decreasing the size of the wheels when replacing them.

GMC Canyon bigger wheel size

pros of the bigger tire size

  1. Improved handling because there is a better hitch and traction.
  2. Increases vehicle stability when you turn.
  3. Ground clearance increases.
  4. Increased braking reliability.
  5. Design becomes stronger and more aggressive.
  6. It becomes more comfortable to drive at high speed.

Minuses of the bigger tire size

  1. High cost of wheels.
  2. Tightens movement while driving, turning the steering wheel.
  3. Acceleration is slower.
  4. These tires wear out faster.

The smaller wheel size of the GMC Canyon

pros of the smaller tire size

  1. The ride becomes smoother.
  2. These tires are cheaper.

Minuses of the smaller wheel size

  1. Manageability worsens.
  2. General appearance becomes less attractive.
  3. Weakened arbitrariness.

Still, it is best to always use wheel size, tire pressure, and the same bolt pattern that is specified by the manufacturer as optimal.

It is important that using wheels that are larger or smaller than those recommended, you can display incorrect data on the speedometer.

Thus, you can exceed the speed limit and get a fine.

FAQ about Canyon GMC

Which wheels can be interchanged in the GMC Canyon?

Some wheels can be interchanged as long as they have the same bolt pattern and hub size.

Which rims fit GMC Canyon?

Understanding if GMC Canyon tires and wheels fit is not difficult. You need to know the diameter and width of the car wheel.

We have indicated all the necessary parameters for the selection of tires and disks earlier.

You can also go to the official website of the dealer to see the information of interest on the GMC Canyon car. It is important to remember that when choosing tires, the width of the wheel allows you to slightly move away from the indicators in one direction or another. But the diameter must be chosen accurately.

Is it important to know the width of the rim for tires?

The width of the GMC Canyon rim is very important when it comes to bolt patterns. If the rim is narrow, then the tire should be narrower. Therefore, the size of the wheels may also change during installation. But still, you should not significantly exceed or reduce the size. The tire of high quality is capable to be stretched to 5 mm.

Does a car with big wheels go faster?

No, the larger diameter of the alloy wheels is heavier, and thus the car both picks up speed and accelerates more slowly. But GMC Canyon offset big wheels with comfort, and you feel more confident on the road. So, the car better grips the road surface. This is especially useful in bad weather. The stopping distance will also be reduced.

Will bigger rims increase gas mileage?

Yes, these wheels increase dynamics. Therefore, GMC Canyon will consume more fuel. If the wheels are not light alloy, fuel consumption will increase significantly.


Tire bolt pattern is very important for your safety and comfort. Therefore, it is worth carrying it out correctly, without violating the recommendations of the manufacturers and without exceeding the permissible wheel size parameters.

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