How To Fix Nissan Remote Start Not Working

Not getting your Nissan remote to start might be really irritating when you’re running on urgency. Having no idea how to fix the issue can be equally frustrating.

So, how to fix Nissan remote start not working? 

Press and hold the RES button within five (5) seconds of pressing the LOCK button until the turn signal lights flash and the tail lamps turn on. Before attempting to activate the remote start feature, allow 6 seconds to elapse after the engine has been turned off. Then, if the remote start activates twice in quick succession, it can be resolved by resetting the counter.  

This issue may occur for a variety of reasons. You can find out more about those reasons and solutions by reading the article. 

Nissan Remote Start Won’t Start: Possible Reasons and Solutions

Nissan Remote Start Not Working

First, let’s have a glimpse of the reasons and solutions before going to discuss them in detail. 

ECM shutdown issue Allow 6 seconds before attempting to start remote 
Remote start activates twice Reset the counter 
Doors and truck lids not locking Lock them properly 
Remote start taking too long to activate Press and hold the remote start button
Security system turns on Deactivate the security system 
The remote start is not operating Clear DTCs
Shift selector is not in park position Make it in a park position before starting 

ECM Shutdown Issue:

The first possible reason for Nissan Remote Start not functioning is ECM shutdown issues. Engine control modules (ECMs) control many engine functions and processes, including remote start systems.     


To fix this issue, it is important to allow a minimum of 6 seconds to elapse after the engine has been turned off before attempting to activate the remote start feature.

If the issue still persists, repairing the ECM by a certified Nissan dealer is recommended. ECM can be also responsible for Dodge Ram 1500 starter problems.

Remote Start Activates Twice:

Remote start issues can occur if the remote start feature is activated twice in quick succession.  Multiple presses of the remote start button in quick succession can confuse the Nissan vehicle’s computer system and cause it to enter a protective mode.


You have to reset the counter to get over the situation. Now follow the four steps given below to reset the counter. 

Step 1: Press the ignition switch to start the engine.

Step 2: Next, turn off the ignition and wait for 6 seconds.

Step 3: Secure the vehicle using the intelligent key after exiting the car and closing all doors. 

Step 4: Then, press the lock button and, within 5 seconds, aim the Intelligent Key at the vehicle. Next, press and hold the RES button until the turn signal lights turn on. 

Doors And Trunk Lids Not Locking:

Nissan remote start systems can fail if the doors or trunk lid are not fully closed or unlocked. Usually, remote start only works when all doors and the trunk lid are closed and locked. 


In order to resolve this issue, ensure that all doors and the trunk lid are securely closed and locked. Also, make sure the switches are showing the correct status which is OFF and LOCK.  It is one of the easy ways to fix the Nissan remote start not working.

Remote Start Taking Too Long To Activate:

An unresponsive Nissan vehicle’s remote start system can be caused by a delay in activating the feature. For the remote start feature to work, the Nissan vehicle’s computer system must communicate with the key fob and the remote start system.


Within 5 seconds of pressing the lock button, press and hold the RES button to resolve the issue. If the issue persists, it may be best to bring the vehicle to a certified Nissan dealer or mechanic to diagnose and resolve the issue. 

Security System Turns On:

The remote start system is disabled when the security system is engaged. The purpose of this feature is to prevent the vehicle from being used unintentionally. A security system also prevents you to start your Ram 1500 without a key.


Here, you need to deactivate the security system by unlocking the doors with the intelligent key to fix the issue. It is still necessary to diagnose using ESM if the problem persists after this has been done.

Remote Start Not Operating:

If remote start is not operating, it means that the system is not able to start the vehicle remotely using the key fob. This can happen due to specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) like B261B, B26FE, and B26FD. You need to find out if there are any DTCs stored or not. 


If you find DTCs, you need to clear them to get over the situation. Use the C-III plus tool to erase any stored DTC(s). The instructions below will show you how to do it.

  • First, connect the C-III to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and turn the ignition on.
  • Now, select ‘Diagnosis” from the C-III main menu. 
  • Then, choose “Self Diagnosis” followed by “DTC Erase”.
  • Now you have to choose the system from which you want to clear the DTCs, such as the engine or transmission.
  • Select “All” to erase all stored DTCs, or select individual DTCs to clear specific codes.
  • Finally, confirm that you want to clear the selected DTCs by selecting “Yes” on the C-III screen.

Shift Selector Is Not In Park Position:

Remote start works only when the shift selector is in the “Park” position. Remote start will not work with the key fob unless the shift selector is in the “Park” position.  


To use remote start, ensure that the shift selector is in the “Park” position before attempting to start the vehicle remotely. Confirm this by checking the BCM Data Monitor, which should display “PN Switch = ON” when the shift selector is in “Park”. 

If the PN switch shows “OFF”, you need to perform some additional diagnosis should be conducted using the ESM. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I program my Nissan key to start my car?

To enter program mode, insert the key into the ignition without starting the car and remove it. Then repeat this process approximately six times.

How do I know if my Nissan has a remote start?

To determine if your car is compatible with Nissan Remote Start, check if your key fob has a circular arrow symbol. The presence of this symbol indicates that your car is compatible with Nissan Remote Start.

What turns on with remote start?

Remote start can activate any pre-set heating, cooling, or other functions. This signal initiates the starting process as well as the activation of any previously set functions.


Hopefully, you‘ve channeled out how to fix Nissan remote start not working throughout the article. 

If the problem persists after trying all the troubleshooting in the article, it’s high time to get a new key fob.

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