How To Fix Nissan Rogue Bluetooth Not Working? (4 Steps)

A Bluetooth audio system is a very important and useful feature of a vehicle. The internal sound system of a vehicle completely depends on the bluetooth system. The Nissan Rogue is a very vivid example of a bluetooth system-dependent vehicle.

But most of the time the bluetooth system creates trouble. It refuses to connect to any device. Sometimes it shows “No Device Available Near” while you have your mobile phone bluetooth on and you are trying to connect with the vehicle. In that case what to do?

In this article, we are going to teach you how to fix Nissan Rogue bluetooth not working. The process is going to be the simplest way, but you have to complete the article and follow all the steps that we show you. So, let’s start.

Can You Fix Nissan Rogue Bluetooth not Working?

Before starting the main process, let’s clear some confusion. We found several dissatisfied readers in the time of our research who did not get proper information about fixing bluetooth not working on the Nissan Rogue. Even they search for proper guidelines on Nissan forums, YouTube, and all other platforms.

Then what does it mean? Is there any way that really works on Nissan Rogue bluetooth working? Can you know how to fix it? The answer to the questions is, yes, you can fix the bluetooth not working on your Nissan Rogue.

But you have to be passionate. You have to follow all the steps that we show in this article. There is no option to overlook any of those steps for you. So, now that confusion is cleared. Let’s start the main part of the article.

How To Fix Nissan Rogue Bluetooth Not Working?

We all know that there are a number of models of Nissan trucks. All of those have different dashboards and different options to fix the bluetooth problem. So I think you might be thinking of how to fix your model bluetooth not working?

You should not be worried about that. We bring the proper way that works with Nissan Rogue. So let’s start.

Step 1: Turn On The Dashboard Lights

If you want to fix the bluetooth connection then first of all you have to turn the dashboard lights on. That means you have to enter the key and turn on the dashboard.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth

Then you have to turn on the Bluetooth feature of your vehicle. When you turn on this, you will see that the Bluetooth icon is there on the screen. This will make you sure that the bluetooth is turned on.

Step 3: Try Connecting Device

Then you have to try to connect a device. You may try this by turning your phone’s bluetooth on and connecting with the vehicle bluetooth. But you will see the device is not being connected and even no audio is being transferred to the vehicle. Sometimes the device will show an error note on the screen. That’s the main problem.

Step 4: Reboot the Bluetooth Option

The only solution to this problem is rebooting the Bluetooth system. But at this time you have to ensure that the dashboard lights are on. All will be normal, you just have to reboot the bluetooth of your vehicle.

To reboot the system, you have to push the power button for 5 to 6 seconds. This will ensure the reboot of your bluetooth system. After a few seconds, the bluetooth will turn on again and this time you will find it is working. There are many other ways to reboot the bluetooth system. But we have shown the easiest way.

What are the Possible Causes behind this Problem?

There are a number of possible causes behind this problem. Some experts say that the problem begins if you use only a remote ignition system to start your truck. Even some truck owners agree with this opinion.

Some others say that only the vehicle bluetooth system is not responsible every time it does not work. Sometimes the problem may be, on the other hand, that means the mobile device. In that case, you may try a different device. If that works then you have to fix the mobile device first.


That was all about the Nissan Rogue bluetooth not working problem and its solution. I hope you get a clear conception of how to fix Nissan Rogue bluetooth not working.

You may face other problems if you’re not a Nissan Rogue user. In that case, you will find some other options to reboot the system. You may take help from the manufacturer guide.

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