Are Nissan Titans Good And Reliable Trucks? (Find Now)

Nissan has been a leading forerunner in the international car manufacturing industry for a long time now? 

If you are thinking of buying a Nissan Titan, then you might be in for a controversy. So is buying a Nissan Titan going to be worth the money? Is it 

Yes, Nissan Titans are totally worth the money. They have come a long way to being a reliable pickup truck that houses one of the strongest V8 engines in the world along with good branding. 

However, there is more to the Nissan Titan than it seems to the eye. So scroll down below and keep reading to get all the information you would need. 

Are Nissan Titans Reliable?

Well, if we were to give an answer to this question, it would turn out to be either vague or baseless. This is because not all Nissan Titan trucks have been the best out there in terms of reliability in their respective years. 

However, they have indeed shown a very decent performance in all categories. While it might not have the best towing capabilities, the truck comes together with a powerful V8 engine capable of any strenuous feats. 

In fact, the 2022 Nissan Titan has scored a whopping 7.8/10 in USnews and 85/100 in J.D. Power scores. This has placed this truck in the best 6th position in the world for being a full-size pickup truck. 

Therefore Nissan Titans can indeed be trusted as long as you stick to certain ones that have been released in certain years. 

How Does Nissan Titans Reliability Compare To Its Competition

Nissan Titas can be a good investment. However, that is only limited to certain versions that came out at certain times. However, you can still trust this company to produce reliable trucks that have ranked exceptionally high throughout the decade. 

We have displayed several benchmarks below so that you can see exactly how Titans from different years are scored compared to other brands of pickup trucks.

You do not need to worry about the credibility of these data since we have sourced the overall ratings from USnews and the reliability ratings from J.D.Power. 

Nissan Titans vs Ford F-150 

Nissan Titan might be pretty average in terms of the overall performance. This can be seen from the table displayed below, where the Ford–F150 managed to overpower the Nissan Titans every year by a slight margin in terms of the overall rating. 

There have been exceptions in recent years since Nissan dominated the reliability charts compared to the FOrd D-150 2021 and 2022. 

ReliabilityOverall Rating
Nissan Titan 202285/1007.5/10
Ford D-150 202277/1008.7/10
Nissan Titan 202185/1007.5/10
Ford F-150 202177/1008.7/10
Nissan Titan 2020NA7.4/10
Ford F-150 202083/1009.1/10
Nissan Titan 201984/1007.7/10
Ford F-150 201983/1008.8/10

Nissan Titans vs Chevrolet Silverado

We have not included the ratings of the Chevy Silverado in 2022 because it has yet to be manufactured and published. 

However, based on the past trends, we can safely say that while Nissan might have come out as the winner for its reliability, the scores were pretty close to each other with minor differences only. 

Car ModelReliabilityOverall Rating
Nissan Titan 202285/1007.5/10
Chevy Silverado 2022NANA
Nissan Titan 202185/1007.5/10
Chevy Silverado 202183/1007.9/10
Nissan Titan 2020NA7.4/10
Chevy Silverado 202083/1008.2/10
Nissan Titan 201984/1007.7/10
Chevy Silverado 201981/1007.5/10

Nissan Titans vs Toyota Tundra

Nissan Titans might not have much reliability compared to the Toyota Tundra in recent years of 2022 and 2021. 

However, do note that they are still comparable since the differences between the two are pretty insignificant. You can check the statistical table below for more evidence. 

Car ModelReliabilityOverall Rating
Nissan Titan 202285/1007.5/10
Toyota Tundra 202286/1008.2/10
Nissan Titan 202185/1007.5/10
Toyota Tundra 202186/1006.6/10
Nissan Titan 2020NA7.4/10
Toyota Tundra 202083/1006.5/10
Nissan Titan 201984/1007.7/10
Toyota Tundra 2019NANA

Nissan Titans vs GMC Sierra 1500

There is no new model of GMC Sierra in the year 2022. That is why we have decided to compare the previous year’s GMCs with previous models of the Nissan Titans. 

From the data displayed below, it is safe to assume that they might have had similar specs since the scores were similar with one point of deviation in terms of reliability of the trucks. 

Car ModelReliabilityOverall Rating
Nissan Titan 202285/1007.5/10
GMC Sierra 1500 2022NANA
Nissan Titan 202185/1007.5/10
GMC Sierra 1500 202184/1008/10
Nissan Titan 2020NA7.4/10
GMC Sierra 1500 202083/1006.5/10
Nissan Titan 201984/1007.7/10
GMC Sierra 1500 201983/1007.8/100

Which Nissan Titans Year Is The Most Reliable?

If we are going to be talking about the best Nissan, it is obvious that the latest model of 2022 is going to be the best out there. 

In fact, it is the various features accompanying the truck that makes it the most reliable large-scale pickup truck. 

Other than the 2022 version, the older 2018 and 2017 models are also pretty excellent when it comes to driving assistance, making it a highly reliable super truck. 

Is The 2020 Nissan Titans Reliable?

2020 was the year when the Nissan Titan engine gained an extra 10 hp in addition to the previous existing amount. This made the engine extremely powerful and reliable, going over long journeys very quickly and conveniently. 

While the interior of the truck was outdated and not well-spaced, the overall performance shown by the car is what made it well received in the year that it came out. 

Is the 2019 Nissan Titans Reliable?

The 2019 model wasn’t the best out there. However, it was still well highly scored by critic reviewers to be one of the most reliable large trucks that were refined well into the perfect technologically advanced vehicle. 

This truck did have an issue where it didn’t feel over as great of a towing feature as most of its competitors. However, this model was still worth the price. 

Is the 2018 Nissan Titans Reliable?

The 2018 model is just an improved version of the previous 2017 truck. Although it had an outdated dashboard mechanism and driver assisting systems, it was still ranked to be the 5th best in that year. 

This is because it offered a big cabin room with highly premium and comfortable seats along with a powerful engine complementing the possibility of a smooth ride. 

Is the 2017 Nissan Titans Reliable?

2017 was the year when the entire Nissan Titans were redesigned. Not only was it much cheaper than most other trucks it was also ranked to be one of the best contenders to be the best pickup truck of that period. 

A lot of research and development was put into this truck to make it as have as superior of a design as possible. Not only did it have the most powerful engine, but it also housed a very comfortable cabin. 

Is the 2015 Nissan Titans Reliable?

There was nothing much noteworthy about the 2015 model of the Titan. Other than the fact that it featured a flagship safety system making it nigh impossible for the passengers to die in an accident, even though it was only average at best in terms of performance and comfort. 

Is The 2014 Nissan Titans Reliable? 

The 2014 model was everything about being compact in a large body truck without affecting the average speed approachable under normal circumstances. 

While there were no major changes or improvements to the model, it was ranked as the sixth-best pickup truck due to the high amount of reliability and safety features that the truck offered. 

Is the 2013 Nissan Titans Reliable?

2013 was another great year for the Nissan Titan trucks. This is because it came together with a futuristic steering wheel and an enlarged rear-seat space that had garnered a lot of praise. 

Overall, the 2013 model of the Nissan Titan truck was a technological phenomenon that most other trucks had yet to get to in terms of reliability. 

Final Thoughts – Nissan Titans Reliability

Ever since its first debut in 2008, Nissan Titan has always been ranked in the higher end of the pickup truck spectrum. 

While the earlier versions were far from having the powerful engine it has today, they were still very reliable. In fact, even its overall score combined with the reliability was above 7 points out of 10. 

So if you are fixated on buying a Nissan Titan, the 2022 or 2021 versions would be a very wise choice. 

However, if they are on the slightly more expensive end for you, 2017 or 2018 models will also give a highly satisfactory performance.

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