Are Nissan Frontiers Good and Reliable Trucks? (Find Now)

Nissan Frontiers is one of the leading trucks in the industry that has made its mark mainly in the North American market in recent years. However, are they actually worth the hype?

Well, our answer would be that they clearly are worth the hype. The high torque speed of 281 lb-ft and an advanced 310 hp horsepower make them a satisfactory choice for any truck owner. 

However, that is not all there is to this super truck. In this article, we will be covering everything that you would need to know that would help you set on buying the Nissan Frontier. So stay with us patiently!

Are Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

Nissan Frontiers have been forerunners in the industry for ages. So if you are thinking of buying one then it would be an excellent decision. What’s more with the new 2022 design, Frontiers are even more attractive than before. 

While the 2022 version of this vehicle is still new and therefore not ranked completely in terms of all factors, the overall performance of the truck is scored moderately high. 

For instance, truck critics from US News have given it a score of about 7.8 out of 10 in terms of reliability. Do note that the truck is slightly expensive compared to most other trucks. 

However, you can be relieved since the maintenance fee for Nissan Frontiers are usually cheaper than for other trucks around 470 USD.

How Does The Nissan Frontiers Reliability Compare To Its Competition? 

If you are thinking of investing in Nissan Frontiers, you might also want to check out the benchmarks and understand whether they are reliable or not. 

We have compiled some of these benchmarks so that you can find out how exactly Nissan Frontiers come out when compared to any other models from different models. 

Do note that the other trucks are also from the popular lines. So you do not need to worry about any unfair data or statistics being present. 

Additionally, all these statistics are taken from us news and so are highly reliable. 

Nissan Frontiers vs Ford Explorer

In recent years, the Nissan Frontier has shown a significantly greater performance when compared to the Ford Explorer. You can check the table that has been displayed below for further clarification. 

Car ModelPerformanceReliability
Nissan Frontier 20227.8/107.8/10
Ford Explorer 20226.4/107.4/10
Nissan Frontier 20216.3/107.6/10
Ford Explorer 20217.1/107.3/10
Nissan Frontier 20206.2/107.2/10
Ford Explorer 20207.5/107/10
Nissan Frontier 20196.4/106.9/10
Ford Explorer 20197.8/108/10

Nissan Frontier vs Toyota 4Runner:

Overall, both of these models have shown similar performance and reliability. However, when it comes to 2022 Nissan Frontier has got Toyota 4Runner beaten by a large margin. 

Car ModelPerformanceReliability
Nissan Frontier 20227.8/107.8/10
Toyota 4Runner 20226.5/106/10
Nissan Frontier 20216.3/107.6/10
Toyota 4Runner 20216.7/106.2/10
Nissan Frontier 20206.2/107.2/10
Toyota 4Runner 20206.6/106.2/10
Nissan Frontier 20196.4/106.9/10
Toyota 4Runner 20196.8/106.6/10

Nissan Frontiers vs Chevy Colorado:

While the performance of Chevy might be over the Frontier, it is still slightly better than the Chevy Colorado in terms of reliability. You can check this from the statistics displayed below.  

Car ModelPerformanceReliability
Nissan Frontier 20227.8/107.8/10
Chevy Colorado 20228.3/107.7/10
Nissan Frontier 20216.3/107.6/10
Chevy Colorado 20218.3/108.1/10
Nissan Frontier 20206.2/107.2/10
Chevy Colorado 20207.9/108.4/10
Nissan Frontier 20196.4/106.9/10
Chevy Colorado 20198.3/109/10

Nissan Frontiers vs Honda Ridgeline:

Nissan Frontier is not better than Honda Ridgeline since it has a lower score since the past few years. However, subsequent improvements have given it a better performance this year. 

Car ModelPerformanceReliability
Nissan Frontier 20227.8/107.8/10
Honda Ridgeline 20227.7/108.9/10
Nissan Frontier 20216.3/107.6/10
Honda Ridgeline 20217.6/108.8/10
Nissan Frontier 20206.2/107.2/10
Honda Ridgeline 20207.5/108.8/10
Nissan Frontier 20196.4/106.9/10
Honda Ridgeline 20198.8/108.7/10

Nissan Frontiers vs Jeep Gladiator:

While frontier is far more reliable than the Jeep Gladiator in 2022, it has been not the case in the past years since it was dominated by a few notches. 

Even this year, it has a significantly lower score than the Jeep when it comes to performance. 

Car ModelPerformanceReliability
Nissan Frontier 20227.8/107.8/10
Jeep Gladiator 20229.1/107.2/10
Nissan Frontier 20216.3/107.6/10
Jeep Gladiator 20219.4/108.3/10
Nissan Frontier 20206.2/107.2/10
Jeep Gladiator 20209.4/106.8/10
Nissan Frontier 20196.4/106.9/10
Jeep Gladiator 2019NANA

Which Nissan Frontiers Year Is The Most Reliable?

In terms of the models that we have mentioned below, almost all of them have scored highly in the reliability test. Nissan might not have the best in terms of performance.

However, no matter which year the Frontier came out in iut has dominated the comfortability and has been among the top in terms of reliability. This is even more so for the latest ones in recent years. 

Is The 2020 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

While the 2020 version of the Nissan Frontier might not have the best performance, it has shown a very decent reliability score. This score is on the higher end of the car median statistics. 

However, do note that this truck is not as comfortable as most other vehicles in the same time frame. Additionally, it doesn’t offer much driver assistance. 

Is the 2019 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

The 2019 Nissan Frontier might have had its flaws, however, it has some points that prove it far more useful than most other trucks made in the same time period. 

This truck is incredibly comfortable. No matter how many loads you carry over in the truck, the vehicle will make your ride as smooth as possible. This makes it a highly reliable truck if not the best. 

Is the 2018 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

The 2018 Frontier might have had a very bad performance, with a mediocre engine. However, we would still consider this truck to be reliable since the comfortability factor reigns over all other factors. 

Is the 2017 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

While the 2017 frontier might have had a bad engine with a poor fuel economy, the truck has shown incredible reliability. 

Not only did it have one of the best safety mechanisms, but it also came with one of the most comfortable and attractive seats. Additionally, it was also very cheap making it the perfect truck for a limited budget. 

Is the 2016 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

While it had a great performance and safety, the 2016 models weren’t very reliable compared to other car models from other brands. 

However, it is still noteworthy to say that the 2016 Nissan frontier offered one of the best-ever-seen safety features. 

Is the 2015 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

The 2015 Nissan Frontier had one of the best ever performance and reliability ratings. It housed a powerful V6 engine that made it one of the most powerful pickup trucks in the year that it came out. 

In fact, it wasn’t years after that this truck was surpassed by any other models of both Nissan and any other brands. 

Is The 2014 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?  

While it had a very mundane design both internally and externally, the overall of the truck was still above average. It was quite reliable while the specifications were quite balanced. 

Is the 2013 Nissan Frontiers Reliable?

Another great truck from Nissan that was clearly way ahead of its time. While the overall performance might have left for something more, in terms of comfort and reliability, there was none that could have surpassed this truck at that point in time. 

Final Thoughts – Nissan Frontiers Reliability

Nissan is a very famous vehicle company with one of the most extensive networks of users in the world. If you are considering buying a Nissan Frontier Truck, the 2022 model is highly recommended for anyone. 

However, we are aware that this latest model might be a little too pricey for most people. In that case, you can consider the 2019 model. 

Not only was the 2019 Nissan Frontier one of the best trucks when it first came out, but it also offered comfort to the utmost level that would put any other truck to shame. 

As far as reliability is considered, you won’t be getting anything better. You will definitely not regret buying this model. 

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