How To Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?

No matter how sharp our memory is, it is pretty much normal to forget a number. When we humans have the tendency of forgetting important phone numbers or house addresses, forgetting a car code is no big deal! 

The Ford Escape provides us with a great experience. But when we forget it’s most important code, it can cause us trouble. And one of the most common questions we are getting these days is “Can You Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?” 

Good job! You came to the right place. Today we will explain if you can reset the keyless entry without the factory code or not. We will also show you different processes, solutions & tips on the way. Not only that, we will discuss the benefits of resetting the keyless entry. LET’s Go! 

Can You Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?

Can you reset Ford Escape keyless entry without factory code? Well, the straight cut answer is No, You Can’t. You will need a factory set code  to reset the Ford Escape keyless entry. So, what can you do now if you don’t have the factory code?

Sometimes we forget about the keyless entry code, sometimes we might forget about the factory code. And many of us don’t even know how to reset our Ford Escape Keyless entry if we don’t have our factory code.

So again, what can you do? Well you just have to read this article from top to bottom. We will show you a simple step by step process  of what to do if you don’t have the factory code.  And of course we will tell you how to reset the keyless entry code. 

What to Do If You Don’t Have The Factory Code?

Like we said, you will need the factory code. It is the only way you can reset the keyless entry code & set up a new personal code. It is the code that is used to program the entire system.

So, we are going to show you three simple ways by which you can get the factory code. They are really simple and you can do it in one go. After that we will share how to reset the Ford Escape keyless entry. Not only that, we will talk about the things you can do by resetting the code.

How to Get The Factory Code?

1. Checking The Owner’s Manual 

Well, this is the easiest way to get the factory code. If your car is locked, we hope that the owner’s manual isn’t inside it & you have it with you.

So check your owner’s manual. You can find the code in the owner’s wallet card. And it should be in the glove compartment. 

2. Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module

Since you came here looking to reset the keyless entry without the factory code, we assume that you have already lost the owner’s manual or cannot find it. Nothing to worry about.

The easiest and the simplest way you can get the factory code is on the label of Remote Anti-Theft Personality module shortly known as RAP module. Here are three easy steps you need to follow to get the code:

  1. Firstly, you must get access to RAP. It can be found on the left sided panel at the back of your car. 
  1. In the second step, you should locate the panel. Remove it. We suggest you use a small screwdriver.
  1. This is the last step. Put some light on the module & you will find yourself a label. There you go, you should have your factory code. 

3. Taking it to the Ford Dealer

This is the last method you can try. If you cannot find the code anywhere, then of course you must take it to the place which has a solution to all the problems of your Ford vehicle. 

By taking it to the local Ford dealer, it can cost you some amount of money but it will also save you from extra trouble. So, take your ownership proof & go there. They will get you the code through their computer system. You can get the keyless entry code from them as well.

We suggest you firstly check the owner’s manual. If you cannot find it anywhere, then go for the second method. As this method is really simple, anyone can go for it. But if you cannot do it but are willing to spend some money, take it to the mechanic & they will do the hard work for you. 

How To Reset the Ford Escape Keyless Entry?

Now, we hope that you have the factory code. Here’s how you can reset the Ford Escape Keyless entry code easily: 

  1. Enter your factory set-code.
  1. Now, you have to press button number 1-2 within five seconds. 
  1. In the third step, you have to give your newly personal code. Try to decide something which you can keep in your memory forever. Keep in mind that you have to press each number within five seconds.
  1. After you have set the personal code, press 1-2 again. 
  1. There you go, it’s done. The doors should lock & unlock themselves to confirm that it was successful. 

You’ll be glad to know that you can add five different codes in this way. But for each code, you have to press different numbers.

Press 3-4 for code 2, Press 5-6 for code 3, press 7-8 for code 4 and press 9-0 for code no 5. So these five codes along with the factory code should operate. 

Benefits of Resetting the Ford Escape Keyless Entry

Locking-unlocking the door:

If you have forgotten the code, then you cannot lock or unlock your car from a distance. And everytime you have to open it with your hands. By resetting you can get rid of this problem & provide extra security for your car. 

Opening the Trunk:

By resetting the keyless entry, you can open the trunk easily. It saves a little bit of your time & physical effort. 

Erasing the Personal Entry Code:

Well, while resetting, you can not only program a new personal code but also erase the previous one.

For erasing, firstly enter the 5 digit factory code. Now press & release the button 1-2. Remember to do it in five seconds. Now this part is a bit tricky. After you have pressed & released the 1-2 buttons for the first time, within five seconds press & hold the same buttons for two seconds. The codes have been erased.

Recalling the Seat Position: 

Another benefit of  resetting the Ford Escape keyless entry is that you can recall the seat positions easiliy.   

Final Words 

Can you reset Ford Escape keyless entry without factory code? We hope you know the answer. Read the processes again if you need to & get your job done. We hope that you find the process very simple & will be able to do it.

If you still face any difficulties, have queries or suggestions, contact us. Till then, Ride safely & enjoy your Ford experience. 

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