Can You Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

The door code is very important to open the door without a key or keyfob. It helps truck owners to keep their vehicles safe and secure. But we find a number of people who forget their door code and also the factory code. 

That situation is a kind of disaster for them. But how to get out of that situation? Here we bring a solution to that problem that will help the weak memory person to reset their door code and make it easy to secure their vehicle and open their door for them. 

The process is very simple and easy. So, let’s know all about resetting the Ford door code without the factory code. Whether it is possible or not.

Can You Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

The process of resetting the Ford door code without factory code is nearly impossible. Because the codes are programmed in a way that you cannot force it to work according to your own wish.

So, we can say that you can open the door without a door code and also even without keys or key fob. But you can not reset the keyfob without a factory code. In that case, you need to find the factory code first and then reset the door code.

The next section of this article is going to tell you about how to find the factory code without spending a single cent and then how to reset the Ford door code with factory code. So, let’s see.

How to Find Factory Code for Free on Ford?

Finding the factory code is very important to reset your door code. But we all know that most of the time we have to spend around $100 on the company dealers to get the factory code. If you can remember the codes then that’s good, but those who can’t remember the code face this problem frequently.

This part of this article is going to help those types of people who cannot find and remember their factory code and think of spending $100 on the delights. This process is completely free but you just have to have both the keys or key fobs. So let’s start.

Find Factory Code With Keys

You can find the factory code using your keys very easily. The process is given here.

Step 1: Put 1st Key and Turn on Dashboard

At the beginning of the process, you have to enter the key into the keyhole and turn on the dashboard lights. You will see the lights are on and a number of instructions. You have nothing with these lights and instructions. You just need to wait for 4 seconds then remove the key.

Step 2: Put 2nd Key and Turn on Dashboard

The way you followed in the first step is the same in this step also. You just have to put the 2nd key into the hole and turn the dashboard on. Then you have to wait for another 4 seconds here. After that 4 seconds, the factory code will appear on the dashboard.

Find Factory Code With Key Fobs

If you have none of the keys then what to do? Is there any solution? The answer is yes, there is a solution here also. You may use the key fob to find the factory code but you need both the key fobs. Let’s see how to do that.

Step 1: Find Key Fob Holder

There is a key fob holder on our Ford vehicle. Almost all the models have this type of key fob or remote holder. That fob holder helps a lot in different situations. That is going to help us at this point. We will find that holder on the 2016 Ford f-150.

In this model, you will find the key fob holder on the center console. To find that, you have to remove the center console plastic tray. Under that, you will find another rubber tray. After removing that, you will find a key fob-shaped holder.

Different models of Ford may have different location and system. So, try to find your vehicle key fob holder by reading the manufacturer’s manual.

Step 2: Put 1st Key Fob and Turn on Dashboard

After finding the keyfob holder, you have to place the keyfob on that. Place the key fob buttons on the lower side so that the vehicle can identify that fob.

After placing the key fob on that away, you have to push the start and off button of your vehicle. You will see the dashboard lights are on. Now wait for 4 seconds and then turn off the dashboard and remove the keyfob.

Step 3: Put 2nd Key Fob and Turn on Dashboard

The process you have seen on the 2nd step, you have to repeat that again. After that, you have to wait for 4 seconds. You will find the code appearing on the board. This is how you will find the factory code using your key fob and keys without spending a single cent.

How To Reset Ford Door Code With Factory Code?

Resetting the door code without factory code is almost impossible. That’s why we show you how to find factory codes for free. Now we will show you how to reset your door code using the factory code. Please follow the process.

Step 1: Enter the Factory Code

First of all, you have to enter the factory code that we found in the previous section of the article. Entering the code is very easy and simple.

Step 2: Press The 1,2 Button

When the code entering is done, you have to move to the next step. That is you have to press the 1,2 button twice.

Every time you have to press this button and release it within 5 seconds. When all is done, you will see the door is licking itself and again unlocking. This will ensure the process is done.


That was all about resetting the door code without factory code. Now you will be able to get the factory code by yourself and also reset the door code.

Always try to remember the codes so that you can use them in your needs. That was all from the article about how to reset Ford door code without factory code. Thanks for reading completely.

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