How to fix reduced engine power Chevy: main causes of failure and ways to solve the problem

Quite often, car owners notice that their vehicle starts to slow down a little. This provokes problems with the nervous system, and you constantly have to increase the speed, which is unsafe. More details on how to fix reduced engine power Chevy you can read in this article.

Reduced engine power: motor derating value

Before proceeding to the question, of how to fix the reduced engine power Chevy, it is necessary to determine the meaning of such a situation.

If the reduced engine power lights a message stating “engine power reduction”, then the vehicle is not capable of operating at full power.

Such situations can occur for various reasons, including compressor failure, exhaust pipe clogging, fuel injectors malfunctioning, etc. If you drive for a long time with reduced engine power, this challenge also occurs.

At first, you can notice that the acceleration has started to decrease. If you ignore the reduced engine power light and move on, there is a high probability of overheating the engine and causing serious vehicle issues.

Why reduced engine power: reasons

Sometimes, you can hear the question, why does my Chevy say reduced engine power? This can happen for various reasons. First, you need to decide on the principle of the indicator.

If there are problems with its operation, the computer cannot adjust the speed of the motor itself, so the power decreases. The fix is ​​to completely replace the system.

Quite often, motorists wonder, what causes reduced engine power to come on?

Reduced engine power because of loose wire, clamp, or harness

Cars have a large number of wires and various connectors that ensure optimal vehicle performance. If there is a short circuit, the ground wire or clamp loosens, and there is a high probability of problems in the operation of the car.

Often, identifying the challenge is not difficult. If the wires are not exposed and not broken, and everything is connected correctly, you likely have to contact an experienced mechanic.

Corrective action if you have a reduced power

If you choose to work on the electrical systems in your vehicle, it is important to disconnect the battery first. Only after that, you can start working with sensors or wires.

First, you need to make sure that all connections are in place. You should also check engine light and look at the functionality of the wires.

There should be no loose wires or disconnected grounds. Try to find wiring that has opened or been damaged.

If there are points of weakness, they must be reconnected. The work is pretty easy. If the wires are exposed or damaged, they need to be replaced.

Reduced engine power because of failure of oxygen sensors

The main purpose of oxygen sensors is to measure the level of oxygen that exits through the exhaust pipe. This ensures that the air-fuel mixture is adjusted to ensure proper combustion. If the sensor fails, the low engine power indicator will light up.

Corrective action if you have a reduced power mode

The first step is to clean the oxygen sensor. If cleaning does not bring the desired result, you have to completely change it.

Modern cars have several sensors, and their number can reach up to 8 pieces. An OBD II scan is required first to identify the damaged sensor.

The cost of oxygen sensors is low, and the maximum price for them is about $500. However, replacement work is carried out using special tools. A special key is required.

You can clean the sensor, and everyone can handle this job. You can also buy a spare sensor right away and replace it yourself, or entrust the work to an experienced mechanic.

Reduced engine power because of throttle position sensor malfunction

This kind of sensor can be found in the throttle actuator control system. Air will pass through it into the engine. The main purpose of the throttle position sensor is to measure the position of the accelerator pedal when you press the gas.

Then, a message is sent to the computer about how open the valve is. In this case, the sensor is designed to shift gears when air is supplied to the engine. If the sensor loses communication with the computer, the vehicle operates in emergency mode.

After that, a message appears stating that the engine power is low. Therefore, you need to immediately check the operation of the sensor.

Corrective action if you have a reduced engine power mode

The cost of such a sensor is also low. The price varies from 100 to 500 dollars, depending on the model and brand of the car.

Experienced motorists can carry out the work of replacing it themselves. However, it is better to entrust the work to an experienced mechanic because it may be necessary to replace the entire throttle body.

Reduced engine power mode because of the throttle system problem

The throttle body consists of more than just a sensor. When opening and closing the throttle body, air enters the engine. If there is damage or breakdown in the valve, the reduced engine power light up.

If a lot of carbon builds up, the orifice becomes clogged, so the engine gets less oxygen. Therefore, you can check engine light and see that it turns on and show an issue.

How to fix the situation when it is reduced engine power mode?

It is much easier and safer to replace the entire throttle body than to spend time on each part. Most replacement throttle body costs $100-$200. Additionally, you have to pay the master for the work.

It is possible that the replacement of the entire body is not required. First, you need to try to carry out cleaning. If replacement is required, then it is not difficult to carry it out yourself.

Reduced engine power mode because of mass airflow sensor malfunction

This part is located between the air filters and intake manifolds. It is designed to measure air density and pressure.

Corrective action if you see reduced engine power light

You can clean the sensor from various pollution that accumulates because the air filter is loose or clogged. On market, there are even special sprays that facilitate the cleaning process.

Cost of replacement

The cost of replacement is $200-500. It is not necessary to seek help from a professional who does the work for you. You can do all the work yourself, given that it is quite simple and does not take much time.

If you are afraid to carry out the work, you can open the training video and follow the instructions. Fortunately, there are a huge number of such videos on the network, and you can find the right model and brand of car.

Reduced engine power mode because of Car ECU malfunction

The Engine Control Unit is a computer that is designed to interact with various sensors in a vehicle. It controls all aspects of the car and can compensate for engine problems.

Corrective action

To determine if the challenge is hidden in the computer, it is recommended that you first perform an OBD II scan. It is possible to purchase a computer to replace a defective part; however, it is possible that flashing and tuning might be required.

After all, it all depends on what kind of car you use. It is also important to consider environmental factors. It is better to entrust the work to an experienced master. Especially if you don’t have experience in this kind of work.

Reduced engine power warning because of the clogged catalytic converter

The installation of this vehicle part is carried out after the exhaust manifold. Its main task is to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. This is achieved through reduction and oxidation to reduce harmful emissions.

It is forbidden to drive a car that does not have a catalytic converter. The exception is vehicles that were produced before 1975. If the part is clogged, a signal may light up that the engine power has decreased.

Corrective action if you have a reduced power

The replacement of this part is quite expensive. After all, expensive materials are used in the manufacture, and the manufacturing process itself is quite original.

Cost of replacement broken part if you have reduced engine power warning

If you see a reduced engine power warning, you have to buy a new device and install it. It costs $2,000 or more.

Experienced mechanics change the catalytic converter quite quickly. This requires a jack and a few other parts. To make repairs, you have to climb under the car.

Reduced engine power mode because of battery problems

Often, there is reduced engine power light if the battery is dead or there is a damaged element. There is no signal even if there is a ground that is not fixed.

The signal of the reduced engine power appears if the situation is rather complicated. For more details about correcting the situation, you can read below.

Corrective action if you have a reduced power

The easiest way is to first make sure that all connections are in place and there is no corrosion. Even if you notice corrosion, removing it from the terminals is quite easy. You must first disconnect the cables.

After the deposits are removed with baking soda or another cleaning agent.

If the battery parts are depleted or damaged, you notice this much sooner than the engine power reduction signal comes on.

The cost of the battery is low, and replacement work does not require much time or effort. It is possible that you can get by with a normal battery charge. First, you need to diagnose using a special tester or battery analyzer.

If you decide to replace the battery, you have to read a lot of instructions. After all, it all depends on what type, size, or group of batteries. You need to choose the right part.

Reduced engine power mode because of transmission problems

A signal about reduced engine power appears if there is a malfunction in the transmission. All of the above sensors are interconnected, as well as with the transmission.

A malfunction may occur for several reasons. In particular, if the fluid level in the transmission has dropped or the clutch is slipping.

Corrective action if you have a reduced power

It is quite easy to check the transmission fluid if you study the vehicle’s instruction manual. There are also many instructional videos on the net that are quite understandable, even for inexperienced motorists. First, you need to find the dipstick and check the level and quality of the fluid.

The process is a bit like checking the engine oil. Often, changing the fluid helps fix issues in the car. However, the situation could be much more serious.

First, you need to scan the entire vehicle to understand exactly what the malfunction is.

Reduced engine power correction

Many people ask, how do you fix engine power is reduced?

Such situations can occur in all vehicles, regardless of the model or brand of the car. Typically, this happens if the engine is not working properly.

It is possible that ignoring the situation provokes a moment when the car stalls, slows down, and cannot accelerate. There are several methods to correct the situation.

Many people ask, how do I fix the reduced engine power on a Chevy Silverado?

Frequently in this model, engine power is reduced if the throttle system sensor is faulty. If it is clogged, the motor cannot produce the necessary power.

That is why you need to immediately start solving the challenge. More details about all methods have already been described earlier.

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Reliability Chevy Silverado

Often, motorists pay attention to the reliability of the vehicle. The model in question is considered quite reliable and ranks fifth in the ranking of 17 trucks. Vehicle rating 3.5 out of 5 points. The annual maintenance fee is $714.

To get the most out of it, you need to send the vehicle for maintenance according to the schedule. The dealer regularly makes the schedule.

This helps prevent many challenges during operation.

Constantly check the engine oil level, and add fluid if necessary. The tires need to be changed as well. If you take care of the car, it is safe.

How long does a Chevy Silverado last?

If the vehicle is properly cared for, it can cover about 200,000 miles. However, for this, you need to regularly change the oil in the engine, pads, and other parts.

Problems in the operation of the Chevy Silverado

In this vehicle model, a signal always appears that the engine power has decreased. However, this is not the only issue you may encounter. Many motorists who own this car report issues with the transmission.

This can manifest itself as transmission slippage, transmission failure, or improper gear shifting. If you have reduced power, and the car is still under warranty, be sure to send it in for a check. In the event of the expiration of the warranty period, you can find a transmission master and use his services.

Cost of correcting engine power reduction

It is impossible to say exactly how much the repair will cost. After all, it all depends on why the engine power has decreased. On average, the cost of work does not exceed $2,000.

If the air filter is dirty, then its replacement will cost $5. The most expensive thing to do is to replace a catalytic converter that has failed.

What if you can’t repair yourself?

Almost always, as soon as the reduced engine power light on, you need to act immediately. However, you do not need to immediately panic because most of the problems are eliminated quite easily, and do not require special knowledge.

Why is it better to do it yourself?

The cost of the work of a mechanic is quite high, so it is better to do the work yourself. You are unlikely to have the right tools, as well as advanced devices for scanning vehicles.

Often, such equipment is only in service centers. By using their services, you can save time. This eliminates various kinds of errors that you can make when doing repairs yourself.

Before starting work, experienced mechanics conduct a complete diagnosis of the vehicle. This allows them to find the exact location that is causing the issue.

If you want to learn in the future, you can watch the mechanic at work and ask him to explain some things.

Is it safe to do it yourself?

Doing car repairs on your own is quite dangerous, especially if you have no experience. After all, by solving one challange, you risk provoking others. Therefore, it is better to entrust the work to an experienced master. At the same time, its cost is low.


As you can see, fixing reduced power in a Chevy is pretty easy. It’s a lot harder to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. For reliability, it is better to use the services of an experienced master, who will start work after a complete scan of the vehicle.

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