How To Change Brake Pads On Ford Ranger? (4 Easy Steps)

Ford Ranger has been ruling the segment of midrange all-purpose trucks for the past two decades for its reliable cost to value ratio.

In earlier times Drum brakes were used for the braking system in Ford Ranger trucks. But in the latest versions, a Disc brake system has been introduced. 

This braking system is integrated with the Anti-lock braking system or ABS for better control over the traction. 

The brake pads of the calipers of trucks like Ford Ranger get decayed very easily. Thus it requires replacement after 30,000 to 70,000 miles of driving. 

Replacing brake pads is quite simple if you know how to and possess the required tools. Stick to this step-by-step guided article to know all about changing the brake pads of a Ford Ranger.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Brakes On A Ford Ranger?

The expense of replacing the brake pads solely lies in the cost of the new brake pads. This is if you have all other required tools bought beforehand. Otherwise, the cost will increase for the entire replacing process.

Brake Pad Cost

On average for replacing a complete set of brake pads for two-axle you may spend around $150-$300 on all four wheels. It depends upon the type and material of the brake pad as well. 

Synthetic organic brake pads will cost around $60-$80 for Rear Wheel Drive(RWD) version. And More than $150 will cost for All-Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive (4WD) versions.

Whereas metallic, semi-metallic, or ceramic brake pads are more expensive and will cost $140-$160. It is better to use premium metallic brake pads for longevity and better heat resistance.

  1. Bosch BC833 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
  2. SCITOO Ceramic Front Rear Disc Brake Pad Set fit for 1998-2002 for Ford Ranger

Mechanic Cost

If you take your Ford Ranger to a garage for changing the brake pads, you have to pay an additional $50-$80 or more as a service charge. The cost is for one set of brake pads only. 

This mechanic cost for the replacement of brake pads varies on the garage location. Therefore getting a bunch of common tools and skill saves your money for replacing the brake pads from the garage.

Can You Change Brake Pads Without Taking The Wheel Off?

You cannot change the brake pads of four-wheelers without taking the wheels off from the rotor. The brake pads are located inside the Brake caliper. 

In order to replace the brake pads, the brake caliper requires removal from the slot.

Moreover, greasing, cleaning, or changing the brake fluids are also secondary works to be done while changing the brake pads. And this is not possible without removing the entire wheels. 

The wheels can be steered in to complete left or right direction to get a window only. 

But it is not recommended to attempt changing the brake pads without getting the wheels off. It may cause damage to the brake hose, discs, piston, or the caliper itself.

Tools You Need To Change Brake Pads On Ford Ranger

To change the brake pads in Ford Ranger by yourself you must possess some specific tools of specific sizes. Besides some extra tools are also required for the secondary work.

Tools Required For Removing And Installing The Wheel

  • Hydraulic Trolley Jack or Floor Jack
  • 13mm lug wrench or socket

Tools Required For Removing And Installing Brake Pads

  • Flat Head screwdriver
  • 13mm Socket or Ring-Spanner
  • C-Clamp or Caliper Winder

Additional Tools

  • Cable-tie
  • Scissor 
  • Rubber Mallet
  • WD-40 or Authorized Grease
  • Silicone Hand Gloves

How To Change Brake Pads On Ford Ranger?

It becomes easier to go through step-by-step processes for changing the brake pads on a Ford Ranger. 

Make sure your car is cooled down before attempting. The hand brake should be released beforehand. 

You can change the brake pads of your Ford ranger following these Four easy steps.

Step One: Removing The Wheel

To remove the wheel you have to loosen the six or four nuts using the 13mm socket or Lug wrench. Keep the handbrake on for this step only. 

After loosening up the nuts from the sockets, place the jack below the wheel axle and pull the truck on air. 

Finally, remove the nuts from the wheels and pull off the wheel from the axle rotor.

Step Two: Replacing The Brake Pads

In this step, you have to release the hand brakes first. Then loosen off the two 13mm slider bolts holding the caliper using the Ring spanner. 

Pull off the bottom bolt at first and then the upper bolt off from the caliper. 

By feeding the large cable tie through the caliper, hang it by the wheel axle. Nextly, using the flathead screwdriver pull off each of the brake pads carefully. 

Remove the older caliper pins by hand. Now, take the new brake pins and push them on the slots inside the brake caliper.

Step Three: Installing New Brake Pads

Apply a sufficient amount of grease to the backside of the brake pads and install them on position simply by pushing. 

Be careful while installing as the accidental grease contamination may damage the discs.

Push the pistons back in position by placing the old brake pads and pushing by the C-clamp. 

Lastly, reinstall the brake caliper in position after cleaning and lubricating using the WD-40. Make sure the brake fluids are enough for working.

Step Four: Reinstalling The Wheels

Place the wheel on the rotor after proper inspection of the bolts and nuts of the brake calipers. 

After that reinstall the nuts on the wheel and put down your Ford Ranger on the ground. 

Pump the brake several times to calibrate the pressurization o the brake pads. Finally, go for a test drive to ensure the performance of the brakes.


Changing the brake pads is a very easy process compared to changing the brake shoes of the older drum brake systems. 

The latest models of Ford Ranger use an Anti-lock braking system which uses more friction than common brake systems.

The Ford Ranger is both an on-road and off-road type truck that puts more pressure on the braking system. That is why the brake pads on Ford Ranger get deteriorated more often. 

If you know how to change the brake pads on Ford Ranger you can save some bucks on the service charge. 

All you would need is some basic tools for disassembling and assembling. Learning this skill will save your time, energy, and money as well.

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