How to Hack and Get Ford Keyless Entry Code?

Imagine having a great Ford car & not being able to use a common feature like the keyless entry system. Frustrating right? Well, you are not the only one,it is a common thing & many people don’t know how to hack & get Ford Keyless Entry Code.  

The Ford keyless entry system helps us in using different common features easily & saves our time as well. For the system to work, a coded signal sent by remotes needs to be accepted by a receiver unit in the car. But how can you even get the code? 

Well, nothing much! Just go through this article & you’ll know what to do. We will show you two easy methods by which you’ll be able to hack & get the code. We will also share the uses of it. LET’S GO!

How to Hack and Get Ford Keyless Entry Code?

 The steps of both of the methods are pretty simple & easy. It will only take your a couple of minutes. So have some patience & try to do it attentively, you’ll pull this off in one go. 

1. Smart Key Fob Method

You will need both sets of key fobs to use this method. Make sure they have good batteries in them as well. So, here’s how you can get the code:

  1. The first step is to find the groove the smart keys will fit into. Where can you find the groove? Well, it depends from vehicle to vehicle. For some vehicles, it might be located underneath the cup holder tabs. You can also find them on the bottom of the center console.

So check your vehicle & find it out. The next steps depend on it.

  1. In the next step, you need to take the smart key fob & put it down there. Rest the key into the groove. 
  1. Not in a hurry! Do not think of starting the car right away. We are not going to start the vehicle. So do not put your foot into the brake.
  1. We are only going to begin the accessories. So tap this button once & start counting to five. After you have counted to five, turn the button off & remove the key.
  1. Now it’s time for another one. Put the second smart key in the same groove. 
  1. Now do the same for this key as well. Start your vehicle through that button & count to five. 
  1. There you go. You should get the code.

2. Regular Key Method 

In this method, you’ll need two sets of keys as well. So, get the two regular keys & follow these methods to get the Ford Keyless Entry Code. 

  1. Insert the key into the ignition switch and then turn it into the on position. But hey, do not turn the engine. Only where the lights would come out on the vehicle dash.

  1. Wait for around 4 or 5 seconds.
  1. Take that key out & insert the other key this time. 
  1. Repeat the process with this key as well.
  1. Now you should be able to see the code displayed on the dashboard. 

So, no matter which type of keys you have, you can easily hack the Ford Keyless entry code. Another thing is, if you take the vehicle to the service center, it might cost you $100 to $150. So, knowing this simple methods is really necessary.

That is why, check everything,try it by yourself first and we hope you’ll be able to get the code.

How to Replace the Batteries on Smart Key Remotes

In the first method, we have asked you to have good batteries in the smart keys. But what if you don’t have any? What if they are going to run out? Well, in this part we will show you a step by step process on how to replace the batteries on smart key remotes.

  1. Firstly, get two 20:25 batteries. They are pretty much available & cheap, you can get it online too. We suggest that you use the Duracell ones as they last a little bit longer comparatively. 
  1. Reach the back of the remote & you’ll find a tab.
  1. Now this step is a bit tricky. Press the tab down & at the same time separate both halves. You might not get it done in the first try but try a couple of times more & you’ll get it down. 
  1. Once you separate them, get a small screwdriver and pop out the first part of the remote. 
  1. You’ll find the used batteries in them. Bring them out but keep in mind which way they were facing.
  1. Now put the new ones in that position.
  1. Set the remote back again as it was. You are good to go. 

The Uses of Ford Keyless Entry System

Why is the keyless entry system so important? Why do we even need it? Well, this feature isn’t just used for one purpose. It has many uses which makes our vehicle experience more comfortable. 

1. Entry: 

This feature enables us to enter the car without the trouble of physically unlocking it. In case of Ford vehicles, the fob identifies the vehicle around 90cm radius. So, it is one of the main purposes of the system & it makes our locking-unlocking vehicle experience more comfortable.

2. Ignition: 

The system allows us to have a remote start the ignition in our vehicle. We can do it from 300 feet away from our Ford cars.  We have to press the button just once and the start system will allow the ignition to start.

3. Climate Control:

The keyless system isn’t only used for unlocking the cars without keys. By using it, we can also control the temperature of our cars. So, no matter what the weather is outside, you can set the temperature & ride comfortably in your Ford’s vehicle. 

4. Safety:

The remote start & keyless entry system gives us extra security as well. When we do not move the key for 40 seconds, the vehicle automatically goes into sleep mode & provides extra safety for our car.

So, we must know how to hack and get Ford Keyless entry code and use the keyless entry system.

Final Thought 

We have all been in situations where we forget the keyless entry code. Or when the sales consultant forgot to give us the code. Even when we buy second hand cars sometimes we forget to take the keyless entry code.

Well, no matter whatever the reason is, now you know how to hack and get Ford keyless entry code.  We hope you’ll keep the code memorized & use good batteries in the keys. 

Other than this, if you have any queries or suggestions, shoot a message at us. Till then, enjoy your Ford experience.

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