FX2 Vs FX4: What Are The Dissimilarities?

Ford has launched the new Ranger FX2 package that specializes in off-road driving style. It already has the FX4 package that gives the best off-road driving experience.

Then what can you expect from the newly introduced FX2 package? What are the dissimilarities between ford fx2 vs fx4?

Ford fx2 package gives an improved off-drive experience in a 2-wheel drivetrain system. The fx4 package is implemented on the 4-wheel driving system. While fx4 is more off-drive style, fx2 was made for sport-style driving. So, people can experience smooth on and off-road driving.

Need more explanations? Then stay with us until the end. We’ve broken them down into their distinct characteristics.

So, let’s begin!

FX2 Vs FX4: Quick Comparison

The table below shows the major dissimilarities between the fx2 and fx4 packages.

Aspect FX2 PackageFX4 Package
Offroad compatibleGood Better 
Payload Bigger Slightly lower
Terrain tires 4
Integrated Trail Control SystemNo Yes
Integrated Terrain control management system No Yes
Suitable for all terrain NoYes

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FX2 Vs FX4: Detailed Comparison

FX2 Vs. FX4
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We’ve explained the differences between the fx2 and fx4 packages in detail in this segment. Hopefully, all the information here will be of help.

2WD Vs 4WD:

The major difference between ford fx2 vs fx4 is their drivetrain option. The ford fx2 package is a two-wheel drivetrain system (2WD). On the other hand, fx4 is a four-wheel drivetrain system (4WD).

So, you must be asking what is drivetrain system?

The drivetrain is the one in charge of providing power to the vehicle’s wheels. It puts the wheels in motion. It also decides which wheels are to be tasked to send engine powers.

To keep the car moving 2WD vehicles transmit engine power to two wheels. You can find them in two types of setups. One is front-wheel drive and the other is rear-wheel drive.

In the front-wheel drive system, the wheels get power from the engine. It receives power and torque simultaneously. The front-wheel drive system is praised for its control of slippery streets and fuel economy.

The opposite is true for the rear-wheel drivetrain. The back wheels get powered by the engine. It prioritizes more acceleration making the vehicle suitable for sports drives.

That’s why the 2WD rear-wheel drivetrain is more common in luxury sports cars. On the other hand, the 4WD drivetrain system powers all four wheels by the engine.

Which makes it suitable for battling harsh road conditions. If compared with 2WD it has more control over the road when on uneven surfaces. It also provides a safer drive on the off roads.

But due to the system, the 4WD vehicles weigh more than 2WD ones.

Off Road Compatibility: 

The off-road capabilities of a vehicle heavily depend on the drivetrain system. As we mentioned earlier, 4WD cars are more suitable for off-road rides. Then is 2WD not suitable for off-road experience?

It is suitable for off-road driving too. The ford fx2 package is built as such it’s on par with 4WD. Even with two wheels, it can handle rocky mountain roads. 

Snow, rain, or unpaved road- nothing is an issue for fx2 vehicles. It’s because almost all drivetrain vehicles have integrated electronic stability control mechanisms now.

So the 2WD cars also have improved road control functions. They are faster as well. But in terms of specialties they can’t beat the fx4 package. Because fx4 cars are made for off-road driving. 

Fx2 cars are considered more as sports vehicles. Comparatively, fx4 cars are especially suited on unpaved rocky roads. If you test them on an off-road drive then fx4 will definitely perform better.

However, ford fx2’s performance will amaze you too. Plus they are more fuel efficient and lighter. So, fx2 can be called the people’s choice.


The upgrades that come with fx2 and fx4 are more than just some minor changes. Both packages include a widget that displays the necessary information on the screen.

You can see the yaw, roll, and vehicle pitch on the driver information screen. They also include the same shocks, e-locker, skid plates, and appearance. 

Fx2 has dark grey headlights whereas fx4 has chrome headlights. Just to be aware, for 2WD vehicles, the Ford f150 has theft light blinking problems. The other functionalities work just fine. 

Back to the topic, both fx2 and fx4 have their own unique dash cluster. Fx2 has bar style grille and fx4 has H style grille.

Fx4 has wheel lip moldings of a dark grey color which fx2 doesn’t have. It also has a limited-slip rear axle. As for the outer appearance, the bash plate on the front-lower side is missing in fx2. 

The rest are the same. But fx4 has some more features added to their list. The Fx4 is outfitted with some cutting-edge technology such as a Trail Control system.

It also has a Terrain Management system. These two technical additions are what make ford fx4 special from the fx2 package. The details about both these technologies are given below.

Trail Control:

The Trail Control technology is useful when climbing high obstacles. It is similar to how the cruise control system works. It lets you pick a desired speed and afterward the system takes over.

The system controls the acceleration and braking in front of rapidly changing challenges. So, you won’t have to have a hard time with the gas pedal or break.

Rather you can focus more on the trail. That is as long as there’s no issue with the transmission. For example, the Ford f150 has trouble engaging transmission

The trail control system first detects the changes in the path topography. Then it adjusts the response as such.

This feature was first introduced in the Ford F-150 raptor. Later it was integrated into the 4WD ford lineups of trucks and SUVs.

To use this feature the driver has to activate the 4-wheel drive system first. And then turn on the trail control technology and then pick up the speed. The speed has to be between 1 mph to 20 mph.

You can also use it when reversing the car at 5 mph. When the system takes over it manages the braking input and the throttle. It keeps the speed steady while climbing up or descending.

The driver must have knowledge about the RPM at different MPH

Terrain Control Management System:

The Terrain Control Management System sets the driving dynamics of the vehicle you’re driving. It’s done based on what type of terrain the car is driving on.

To determine the response to any given command by the driver it uses some variables. Such as the vehicle’s speed, throttle position, and steering angle. 

The torque gets adjusted from the front to the rear and on both sides. The system can drive in four different modes. They are namely: normal, mud/ruts, sand, and grass/snow/gravel. 

You can choose your terrain type among these modes. The system will respond depending on the terrain type you have chosen.

Apart from the normal mode, other modes can be used in 4LO or 4HI mode. Some of the new models of ford even offer different TMS settings. For example, the 2020 ford explorer.

It includes trail, eco, tow/howl, and sport driving modes. Giving more adaptability to your driving conditions.


The ford fx4 package is more expensive than the fx2 package. The fx2 costs lower than $600 while the fx4 cost goes higher than $1200. Fx4 costs double the amount of fx2.

However, the fx4 package is only usable for 4WD ranger models. Which costs more than the many other ford lineups. But the performance it gives is quite promising.

If you’re looking for some suggestions the table below might help.

FX2 Vs FX4: Which One Is Better?

Both ford fx2 and fx4 are excellent drivetrain packages and have their pros and cons. So there’s no winner or loser here. It entirely depends on your requirements.

Fx2 is an excellent package for both on and off-road driving. Gives better acceleration and improved stability control. It weighs way less than the fx4 package and also gives better fuel economy.

Handling 2-wheel drive takes less amount of fuel and power compared to four-wheel driving. Installing the fx2 package also costs less. It’s the perfect package to take for any ford vehicle.

To begin with, if you don’t drive off-road often then you don’t need the fx4 package. The fx4 is made especially for off-road driving. If you’re not on challenging roads on a regular basis, the package would be a waste.

It’ll cost you more. The car will be heavier and it’ll drain more fuel and engine power. So, choose wisely. If these are not an issue then you’re about to experience the best off-road adventures.

Even if the package is expensive, every penny will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to set the trial control speed in my ford vehicle?

First, accelerate or reduce the speed up to your preference. If you need to speed up choose SET+ o the steering wheel. If you need to decrease the speed then choose SET -. To cancel the speed that you’ve set you’ve to press the X button. Braking can also be used to change the set speed.

How to use the terrain management system in my ford vehicle?

Track down the AWD or 4WD rotary dial on the console. Now, click on the button with “™” written in the centre dial. The Terrain Management System mode should be displayed on the screen. If you need to cancel it, press the “™” again. Keep pressing until you get other TMS selection options.

Which Ford models have the terrain management system?

The recent 4WD models are integrated with the terrain management system. You’ll find them in Ford Explorer, Escape, Expedition, Ranger, and the F-150 Raptor. Keep an eye out for more options in the future.

End Note

That’s all for today regarding fx2 vs fx4 drivetrain packages. Hopefully, the discussion gave you a clear idea of both packages. Their similarities, similarities, and what to expect.

Good luck with choosing your drivetrain package. Safe driving!

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