Who Makes Toyota Tacoma & Where Are They Made?Explained

Toyota has been the leading car dealer in the world for a long time now. With how well they are designed and manufactured, it is obvious that they should be so well reputed. Toyota Tacomas are no exception to this.

While Tacomas might not have been recognized globally, it is still one of the most used trucks in the United States. 

Originally made in San Antonio, Texas, these pickup trucks made use of state-of-art equipment for their manufacturing process. 

So are you interested to know more about this truck? Well, you are in the right place to do so. 

In this article, we will be covering everything that you need to know about Toyota Tacoma. So keep up with us patiently!

Who Makes Toyota Tacomas?

Toyota is a named Japanese automobile brand that sells vehicles in the international market. In fact, it is so highly reputed that each year there are approximately 10 million cars sold by this brand. 

As of 2021, more than 10 percent of vehicle owners in the United States own a Toyota, whether it is a pickup truck or a luxury vehicle, or even an SUV. 

Tacomas are a line of pickup trucks that are manufactured for the North American market. While the company and the designers are Japanese, the truck itself is made in the United States.

The first generation of Tacomas was made in 1994 till 2004. Currently, the third generation of trucks is available for sale starting from 2015. These trucks are classified as mid-sized pickup trucks. 

Where Are Toyota Tacomas Made?

Toyota might be a Japanese brand that sells vehicles in the International market. However, it doesn’t manufacture its cars in Japan only. The Toyota Tacoma is one such line of trucks that are manufactured in the US. 

This is especially effective in the part for Toyota because by manufacturing in the US, they are able to cater to the demands of the North American population where trucks are in high demand. 

The exact place where these trucks are made is in San Antonio in the state of Texas, United States. Other than the Tacomas, other models like the Toyota Tundra are also manufactured here. 

The factory in San Antonio has been involved in the production since 2006. Currently, it has approximately 400 employees and over 20 suppliers for vehicle parts and auxiliary gears.

Average Costs Of Toyota Tacomas 

The cost of the Toyota Tacoma that you are going to buy will differ on various factors. Two of the most significant of these are year and degree of ownership.

The year refers to the period that it was being sold and the degree of ownership refers to whether the vehicle was first hand or second hand. 

You can look at some of the expected prices for several Toyota Tacomas being sold in their period of time. All of these vehicles are first-hand. The data is sourced from USnews. 

Car ModelsAverage Price Paid (USD)Original Price (USD)
Toyota Tacoma 202031,605-53,57126,050-46,665
Toyota Tacoma 201929,675-49,79825,850-45,665
Toyota Tacoma 201828,110-46,03925,400-43,470
Toyota Tacoma 201725,700-43,81724,575-43,215

Are Toyota Tacoma Good and Reliable?

Toyota Tacoma is indeed a very reliable pickup truck. Not only do they have great performance, but they also offer various in-built features that will surely make your journey as convenient as possible. 

We have listed below some of these features that you might find helpful after you buy this vehicle. 

Suspension Lifts

When it comes to rough or rocky terrain, Tacoma has the perfect solution for the driver. 

With the suspension lift, not only will the truck pass by smoothly; none of the passengers or the items stored on the back will be affected. The mechanism consists of 15 inches front and 0.5 inches rear lift. 

LED Fog Lights

The built-in LED fog light is the reason why Tacoma drivers have an edge over most other truck drivers driving in the dark or foggy nights. 

The lights have been manufactured by Rigid industries to have the perfect compactness while not affecting the light output it is able to produce under standard conditions.

Internal Shock Bypassing Mechanism

The shock bypassing mechanism prevents the internals of the truck from interchanging locations or coming out of place. 

It also features a 2.5 inches aluminum housing that has very sturdy built for maximum damping effects which helps increase the consistency of the engine power output. 

V6 Direct Injection Engine

Built inside the front of the truck is a powerful V6 engine that is able to meet all requirements needed to provide the truck with a high amount of energy under all conditions. 

Furthermore, the engine is also available with an Atkinson-cycle direct injection that helps create the perfect blend of efficiency and power. 

Is It Worth Buying Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is definitely a good bang for your buck. Not only is it very reliable it is also a long-lasting truck that offers one of the best driving systems and performances. 

If you want to enjoy a smooth ride, the Tacoma will definitely satisfy you. However, do note that older models including the 2019 and 2018 were subpar in their fuel efficiency. 

So stick to the 2020 and 2021 models if you want the best performance compared to the trucks of similar prices in the industry.


The 2022 Toyota Tacoma scored a whopping 81 from a total score of 100 in the J.D. Power module. 

This means that this truck is highly advanced in both the security and the performance it is able to provide. 

So if you are still skeptical about buying this car, you will be in for a joy ride once you buy this car. 

This 2022 model is the accumulation of research and development from the Toyota team.

Of course, the 2022 model might be a little too expensive for some people. In that case, you can try the older models but do expect the performance to be diminished since nothing can win against the latest versions.

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