Different types of truck bed cover: how to remove a truck bed cover for 5 minutes

If you wish to take off your tonneau cover, you must be wondering how to do it. Well, different tonneau covers need different removal methods from the truck bed. In this article, we spoke about how to remove a truck bed cover with a tool and other types of it by yourself.

However, before learning how to take the tonneau off your truck bed, you must first understand why you must remove a tonneau cover. Let’s talk about the circumstances in which you might be required to remove your tonneau. But before this, I will tell you what a tonneau cover is.

What is a tonneau cover?

Tonneau cover on a car comes in a variety of designs and is used to cover and secure the cargo tray of pickup trucks and coupé utility cars.

Based on the type of material they are constructed of, they are mainly split into two categories: soft tonneau covers and hard tonneau covers. Soft covers can only be rolled up or folded, but hardcovers can be folded, rolled up, or one piece.

Benefits of a tonneau cover

There are many benefits of having a tonneau cover on your track. Below are some of them:

  • Security of cargo

If you pull over for a quick bathroom break or stop at a red light, robbers might be on the lookout for you. There have been numerous occasions where thieves have just jumped on the truck and taken the merchandise. A cover could prevent this from occurring.

  • Reduces wind drag

The truck’s bed’s air resistance can cause you to slow down when you’re moving at higher speeds. By reducing wind drag, covers let you travel at high speeds while using less gas.

  • Defend against the elements

Your goods are protected by truck bed covers from more than just robbers. They can shield your possessions from the wind, snow, and rain. A cover is among the most effective ways to protect your goods, though there are other options.

Pros and cons of hard and soft truck bed cover

Both of the tonneau covers, either soft or hard, serve as truck bed covers. There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them:


The hard tonneau cover can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, polypropylene, fiberglass, and toughened plastic.

Most of these truck bed covers feature hinged shapes with joints that resemble lids. It functions somewhat like a horizontal door when bulkheads have hinges.


  • With its simple and appealing style, your truck will look better.
  • Has a highly reliable, practical, and secure locking mechanism.
  • Protects your cargo from any damage, the sturdy cover won’t easily shatter.


  • Hardcover installation is a time-consuming and challenging task.
  • Pricier compared to alternative covers.
  • Unsuitable for heavy loads due to their weight.

Soft covers

These convenient covers have a great roll-up function that makes it simple to open and seal the lid. Manufacturers frequently employ leather, vinyl, canvas, and cloth because they are flexible and malleable.


  • These covers are incredibly portable and lightweight.
  • The soft tonneau cover is commonly available and reasonably priced.
  • Simple and complements the truck bed well.


  • These tops are less sturdy and flimsier.
  • They are not meant for prolonged use.
  • These covers are very thin and easily breakable.
  • This item might not be appropriate if you visit places with extreme heat or cold.

Why must your tonneau cover be removed?

You may need to take off the truck bed cover for a number of reasons. We’ll go over a few typical causes here:

You might need to take off the cover if you have to transport bulky items. Are truck bed covers removable? Depending on your tonneau, yes. If you have to transport a lot of merchandise, you can temporarily remove your cover.

Some tonneau covers may be folded or rolled out of the way to accommodate huge loads, while others must be removed entirely to transport items like a couch or kayak. Sawtooth tonneau covers can stretch to protect large and tall goods, unlike other styles of vehicle coverings.

If you want to install new truck accessories, you may need to remove the cover: If you recently purchased a new vehicle accessory, such as a cargo management system or truck bed roll bars, you must remove your truck bed cover.

However, you must carefully study the user manual to determine whether the tonneau cover must be removed in order to install specific accessories. In this situation, before purchasing new truck accessories, you must think about the type of tonneau cover you have.

You might need to take your tonneau off if it’s looking worn. A worn-out, outdated tonneau should be removed. Your truck looks bad with the outdated cover.

Tools needed to remove the tonneau cover

For various tonneau covers, you’ll need different kinds of tools. In essence, you’ll need the same tools you did to install your cover. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to take off your particular tonneau cover. Which tools to utilize will be specified in the user manual.

Always make sure you have enough room to remove the cover from your truck bed, move it out of the way, and store it.

Let’s talk about the equipment needed to remove most tonneau covers:

Tools: a wrench a screwdriver, and sunglasses.

However, in order to know what tools are needed for the particular tonneau cover you have, you must read the user manual carefully. The Sawtooth tonneau covers are not removed with tools like conventional tonneau covers are.

How are different tonneau covers removed?

You have come to the right place if you were looking for articles about removing various tonneau covers on the internet. Here, we’ve spoken about how to properly remove various tonneau cover types. To remove several typical tonneau covers, simply follow the instructions.

  • How do you remove a tonneau cover from a Chevy Silverado? Just pull the rail up. And as you do that, it should pull back the rail closest to your cab. Pull each side carefully until it opens the truck bed.
  • How do you open a soft tonneau cover? See the question above, as a tonneau cover for Chevy Silverado, is usually soft. As the material, it is made of leather or fabric, it is easier to remove it from the truck bed cover. It will not take a long time and compared to a hard truck bed cover, it is reusable and can be packed aside in the truck bed if not used.

Tonneau covers

One of the simplest truck bed covers to take off is the Sawtooth tonneau cover. They are adjustable, and removing them on your own takes only five minutes. Additionally, it is simple and tool-free to remove the tonneau and rails; you do not need to peel off the cover and separate the rails from the tonneau.

Let’s talk about the steps:

To begin, detach the J-hooks from the corners of the tailgate and roll up the tonneau towards the cab. Now use the supplied buckles to secure the tonneau cover.

If there are any bows between the side rails, you must now remove them. To remove them from their seated positions, you can exert some pressure on them.

To detach the tailgate rail from the two side rails, pull it backward. The corner connectors will assist keep the tailgate rail fastened.

Now that the side clamps have been loosened, you can separate the truck bed rails from the tonneau side rails. Now you must separate the side rails from the bed rails and pull upwardly from the cab rail. So, how long does it take to remove the tonneau cover? No longer than 5 minutes for the soft tonneau cover.

Removing a tri-fold or quad-fold tonneau cover

To begin with the procedure, you have to fold the cover all the way up next to the bed. After folding the cover, just secure it with provided buckles.

Then remove the bolts that secure the hinges to the C-clamps using a wrench.

After that, you can enlist a friend’s assistance to remove the folded cover from the truck. You can stand in the truck bed and lift the lid off if you wish to do it yourself.

Your folding tonneau will keep the rails attached if it has any. In order to make it simple to connect the cover to the rails, leave the tonneau cover rails on if you want to put it on shortly.

The tonneau cover rails can be removed if you intend to remove the cover permanently.

Removing a fiberglass tonneau cover

It is as simple as getting in the truck bed and removing the lid clamps. The clamp’s bolt can be loosened by using a wrench.

The bolt must be gradually loosened with your hands until the clamp is entirely freed from the vehicle body.

To release all clamps on both sides, go along the side of the truck bed. Make sure your tonneau cover is laying flat because it can collapse on you.

Once the lid has been entirely detached, you can raise it off the truck bed with the assistance of two or three people.

Rails for Fiat tonneau covers may be removed

The rails can be removed for the majority of flat tonneau covers. It is considerably simpler to reinstall the tonneau if you don’t remove the rails. Moreover, if you simply need to remove a flat tonneau to transport bulky objects, this might be a fantastic solution.

If you don’t plan to reinstall your tonneau cover, you can remove the bed rails. Let’s talk about some advice you can use with some hard top tonneau types, such as folding coverings. This technique can remove certain soft tonneau covers, such as retractable ones.

To begin with, take a wrench and unscrew the bolts holding the C-clamps to the truck bed rails.

After you have finished releasing the C-clamps, you can take the rails off. To prevent scratching any area of your truck, you must carefully lift each rail.

The seals that are put along the bulkhead and tailgate must be peeled off. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to remove any sticky messes the seals may have left behind.


A truck bed cover will undoubtedly be useful to you. However, there can be times when you need to take out a truck bed cover.

You now know how to remove a truck bed cover if necessary. You are also better knowledgeable about the many designs of truck bed covers. Practical descriptions will help you successfully remove a tonneau cover. If you have more troubles with your track bed cover, see also how to fix a leaking tonneau cover.

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