Honda ridgeline bolt pattern: useful guide

If you own a Honda Ridgeline, then you may have various questions about its performance and details. In this article, we’ll break down a question that will help you choose the right new tires or rims for your Honda Ridgeline.

If you do not know what vehicles have a 5×120 bolt pattern and what lug pattern does a Honda have, it is no problem. It is just worth considering the exact bolt pattern for each generation of cars.

honda ridgeline bolt pattern

Honda Ridgeline bolt pattern: brief info

The Honda Ridgeline has had a bolt pattern of 5×120 mm since 2006. All generations of the Honda Ridgeline have a 5×4.72″ bolt pattern, 2.52″ center hole, and 5 M14 x 1.5 threaded nuts. The wheel lugs must be tightened to 93.7 lb-ft.

Having received general information, it is worth moving on to a detailed examination of the parameters for each generation of cars.

Next, you can learn what bolts are used, the exact diameter of the hub with the center hole, and the torque characteristics of the bolts. Knowing such information, you are not confused in the store when choosing a product and selecting the right tires for your Honda Ridgeline.

Parameters for Honda Ridgeline wheel of different years of manufacture

It is important to clarify that the characteristics that you can see below are the same for all Honda Ridgeline models of a certain generation.

But you need to understand that the Honda Ridgeline is manufactured and put on the market in different trim levels and has different engine options.

But still, the bolt patterns, eyelets, and characteristics of the torque element are unchanged for Honda Ridgeline models within their generation. Now you can see the exact tire rack and stock rim sizes range you need to use with each engine option.

And now the question of what size wheels a Honda Ridgeline has not stood.

Bolt pattern 2021-2022 series: wheel size

The Honda Ridgeline has tire tack size 245/60R18 and stock rim sizes range 8Jx18 ET45.

Bolt pattern 2016-2020 series: wheel size

The Honda Ridgeline has tire rack size 245/60R18 and stock rim sizes range 8Jx18 ET55.

Bolt pattern 2009-2014 series: wheel size

The Honda Ridgeline has a tire rack size of 245/65R17 or 245/60R18 and a standard rim size of 7.5Jx17 ET45 or 7.5Jx18 ET45.

Bolt pattern 2005-2008 series: wheel size

If you have a question, what is the wheel bolt pattern on a 2006 Honda Ridgeline, so the car of this release range standard tire size 245/65R17 and stock rims size 7.5Jx17 ET45.

Honda Ridgeline bolt pattern: how to tighten the bolts?

Most generations of Honda Ridgeline have 5 lug nuts.

When you install the stock wheel or alloy wheels on a car, they only need to be secured in a certain way.

Honda recommends that you tighten these nuts on the Honda Ridgeline wheel as shown in the photo. It is important to perform all actions on the system crosswise.

The first stage of the Ridgeline bolt pattern

First, you need to tighten all the nuts with a wheel wrench. It’s best to choose a universal tightening kit that helps you use it for car and truck bolts as well. First, you have to tighten the bolts on the Honda Ridgeline wheel halfway.

The second stage of the Ridgeline bolt pattern

Next, you need to tighten the nuts with a wheel wrench to the appropriate setting that is suitable for your generation of car. Detailed parameters are already mentioned above. The latest generation of Ridgeline bolts should be torqued to 93.7 lb-ft.

Attaching the lid

Your stock wheel has a center cap. It should be fixed in the same way as described earlier. To begin with, tightly twist everything with your hands. Therefore, you need a wheel wrench, with which you need to tighten another quarter of a turn.

Checking fasteners of Ridgeline bolt pattern

Check that the nuts are secure after 30 miles. Walk around the car and see that each nut is properly secured. If you notice a loosening of the fasteners, you need to tighten the nuts again. If this situation persists, the wheel has to be replaced.

When and why you need to bolt pattern?

So, tires should be changed if you have driven a car for 60,000-75,000 miles or 4-5 years.

Is it possible to put large wheels on a Honda Ridgeline with a bolt pattern?

Benefits of changing wheel size

  1. Handling improves as there is better grip and traction.
  2. Improved car stability when cornering.
  3. The ground clearance is increased.
  4. Improved braking capability.
  5. The design becomes more aggressive, for some drivers, this is a big plus.


  1. Fuel consumption increases.
  2. Big wheels cost more.
  3. Car acceleration is slower.
  4. Big wheels wear out faster.

Is it possible to put smaller wheels on a Honda Ridgeline with a bolt pattern?


  1. Provides a smoother ride.
  2. Smaller wheels cost less.


  1. Handling deteriorates significantly.
  2. The car doesn’t look good.
  3. Decreased arbitrariness.

It is better to use the wheel sizes and bolt patterns indicated by the manufacturer.

The use of non-original wheels negatively affects the fuel consumption of your car, and the speedometer readings in the car do not show the correct figure.

Honda Ridgeline: FAQ

Can Honda Ridgeline wheels of certain years be replaced with each other?

If the wheels have the same bolt pattern and the size of the locking hubs, then replacement is possible.

What rims fit Honda Ridgeline?

To begin with, it is important to evaluate the diameter and rim width for a perfect fit.

In order not to make unnecessary measurements, just look at the list of sizes proposed in this material. The width of the wheel may vary, while the diameter must be chosen strictly.

Does rim width matter for tires?

This indicator has a significant impact on tire size. The narrower the rim, the narrower tire you can use. But the actual tire width may vary.

The tire of high quality is capable to be stretched to 5 mm.


As you can see, when bolting a car, it is important to take into account many factors. Some of them are fixed, and others may vary. Consult a specialist if you are not sure about any parameters to ensure safety and comfort while riding.

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