5 Best Spiked Lug Nuts To Get In 2022: (Review And Guide)

Spike lug nuts may seem a trivial accessory to add to your Truck. But, it can change the appearance of your truck dramatically.

Moreover, the spike prevents lug nuts from weather damages as well as warns others on the road that the boss is on the way.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best spike lug nuts for truck wheels. Let’s explore the rest and discover the right one for you.

Our recommended top 5 spiked lug nuts (Available on amazon)
  1. Best for personalizationDYNOFIT Silver Closed-End Spike Nuts
  2. Best for appearance enthusiastsWheel Accessories Spiked Lug Nuts
  3. Best for durabilityOrion Motor Tech Spike Lug Nuts
  4. Best for styleKSP Spike Lug Nuts
  5. Best for rust-resistant: MIKKUPPA Wheel Spike Lug Nuts

Best Spike Lug Nuts: Top 5 Review

After hours of thorough research, we have finally dug up five amazing spike lug nut sets for your truck. Check them out to learn more.

1. Best for Personalization: DYNOFIT Silver Closed-End Spike Nuts

Let’s reveal the list with Dynofit, one of the specialized brands for designing premium quality car accessories. They are pretty confident with their products because they maintain a strict QC test for each item. 

Dynofit offers reliable spike lug nuts for your truck that always provide a pleasant experience. Along with the vehicles’ safety, their products let consumers personalize their beloved cars. 

We are overstating the brand due to its unique design and manufacturing process. Spike Lug nuts from Dynofit come with a smoother surface that prevents unintentional accidents. They go with popular truck models including chevy, ford, gmc etc. 

Rust is a common consumer issue for lug nuts. However, Dynofit applies electrophoresis in the manufacturing process that makes nuts more dazzling and rust-resistant. Each lug nut ensures corrosion resistance since they go through a 72 hours salt spray test.

These nuts are made of SCM 435 alloy steel. The material is well known for its durability and strength and used worldwide for machine parts manufacturing. It is one kind of high-quality cold-forged steel that is popular for its anti-cracking feature.

Though some consumers buy two-piece lug nuts, it is proved that a one-piece design like this product is more stocky and durable. They have a 60-degree conical seat for ensuring fast assembly and less risk of losing.

If you own a truck and are looking for a premium grade silver closed-end spike lug nut set, Dynofit would be a wise pick.


  • Made of high-quality manufacturing materials.
  • Easy to install.
  • Best pick for popular truck models.
  • Professional grade lug nut set with socket tools.


  • May not fit all models. So, read the entire description carefully before buying.
  • The chrome plating seems transient.
  • Though the color is chrome, the appearance is similar to nearly regular silver.

2. Best for Appearance Enthusiasts: Wheel Accessories Spiked Lug Nuts

Black spiked solid metal lug nuts are super compatible for those who are serious enthusiasts about aggressive-looking cars. These Spike lug nuts will make you smile if you are a Chevy Silverado owner. 

Instead of using fragile two pieces lug nuts, smart consumers are now picking this type of nuts with one-piece solid construction. No Chevy owner wants to hear the cracking sound while assembling lug nuts. The good thing is, Wheel Accessories offer premium grade Chromoly steel sockets that are well heat treated. 

Most lug nut manufacturers offer only a single color set. However, Wheel Accessories allows you to make your car more personalized. The set is available in four different colors including chrome, black, red, and blue. This is great flexibility to purchase lug nuts by matching your car paint.

Chrome nuts are nickel-plated and have gone through a 48 hours spray test. Similarly, the black set is painted by the electrophoresis process.

Rust and corrosion are not only annoying but also reduce the longevity of lug nuts. So, the advanced painting is an excellent favor for consumers.  

Lug nuts often get loosened due to poor and inappropriate seat style. Fortunately, this set comes with bulge acorn seat type and has a conical 60 degree. Bulge acorn seat has several benefits. It allows you a wide seating surface while assembling that reduces the chance of getting loosened.  

Chevy is so cool already. However, this lug nut set will turn it into a cooler. 


  • Complete set including 24 pieces of lug nuts and 1 socket key.
  • Super grade cold-forged manufacturing material.
  • Color variation. 


  • Different thread size makes consumers confused.
  • It looks thinner on some giant stock wheel.
  • Color becomes faded over time.

3. Best for Durability: Orion Motor Tech Spike Lug Nuts

Orion Motor Tech is the name that always comes while we talk about quality and wondrous engineering. Unlike other manufacturers, they focus more on continuous development rather than selling. Their attitude is notable since Orion loves to see the wheels tight to your truck. 

One of their goals is to manufacture premium-grade lug nuts that are extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Their precise engineering should make you surprised. Each lug nut of Orion Motor has accurate threading that ensures exact fitting. They apply all kinds of modern standard testing on every piece of spike lug nut to ensure their superior strength. 

Since we are constantly praising their engineering excellence, let’s talk about the manufacturing material they use to produce spike lug nuts. Orion uses Q235 steel as the primary raw material which is similar grade steel to Japanese SS400. The specialty of this steel is its incredible tolerance level. Q235 is cold-forged steel that is the best option worldwide where extreme longevity and tolerance are required. 

Though all brands claim their lug nuts to be corrosion-free, consumers still experience some rust after a few months. The reason behind this annoying issue is the variation of weather. Orion Motor Tech does a different thing. They apply the black-oxide coating to these spike lug nuts so that they can survive in any climate. 

The set contains 14mmX1.5 wheel nuts that are the best fit for popular truck brands like chevy, ford and gmc etc. However, you can also use these nuts for any similar stock wheel. 


  • Maintains the highest standard.
  • Precision and advanced engineering applied.
  • The black-oxide coating on Q235 steel.


  • It may not fit all types of stock wheel.
  • The color can be fade in case of extreme weather. 

4. Best for Style: KSP Spike Lug Nuts

People add spike lug nuts for a variety of reasons including protection and warning. However, if the style is your prime requirement, KSP spike lug nuts are a wonderful item to pick. These black spikes will enhance the look of your truck.

The shape of each lug nut is smooth and shiny because they are constructed using a CNC machine. Along with the finest end, KSP has added electrophoretic painting for a perfect finishing. The painting is used not only for a greater look but also to prevent rust. It also seems very enduring that will not perish easily. 

KSP has used SCM 435 carbon steel as the manufacturing component. This material has an anti-stripped feature and contains high hardness properties. Due to such a facility, SCM 435 steel is used worldwide to manufacture machine parts. 

People often lose lug nuts in the road because they easily get loosen and fall off. However, KSP is a one-piece solid lug nut that has less chance to happen such occurrence. The 60-degree conical seat of each nut even adds extra protection. 

Though these spike lug nuts are well built, KSP recommends using a hand wrench instead of an electric wrench gun for assembling. The set contains a long socket key which is made of Chromoly steel. The kit is well heat-treated for sudden crack prevention. 

The socket is specially designed for the set and you cannot remove the spikes without the exact socket. If you lose it, you can collect another one from KSP. We like this feature because of its additional safety. 

If you own a Chevy Silverado, KSP spike lug nuts are one of the best picks to consider. 


  • Very stylish and long-lasting.
  • Made of cold-forged carbon steel.
  • The special socket adds extra safety.


  • You can’t remove the nuts without the exact set wrench.
  • The socket may crack if you tighten nuts forcefully.

5. Best for Rust-resistant: MIKKUPPA Wheel Spike Lug Nuts

MIKKUPPA is entirely different in this list. They are even more ahead of competitors as well in some cases. Are curious to know the reasons? Then you have to know their manufacturing process and standardization. 

Like all others, MIKKUPPA manufactures safe vehicle accessories for consumers. However, do apply revolutionary testing methods on their products before launching them in the market. For instance, they do a real road trial before selling spike lug nuts and note all information regarding its performance. 

MIKKUPPA spike lug nuts are very unique due to the manufacturing process. Their lug nuts are possibly the best ones for rust prevention. They include multi-layers of nickel and chrome which is rare among others. Falling off the pain is an annoying issue for customers. But, you should not be much worried because MIKKUPPA applies infrared drying technology that makes the paint sturdy. 

We already should have an idea of how strict they are in standard testing. But, we should dig in deeper. A 72-hours of salt spray test is regular testing for lug nut manufacturers. However, they do it, particularly that turns the spike nuts into anti-rusting and anti-oxidation. Even, the test provides the nut an extra visual impact. 

Undoubtedly, they provide expensive spike lug nuts. But, if you want to make your truck the beast of the road, MIKKUPPA is your thing. 


  • Build with multi-layers of nickel and chrome.
  • Super rust-resistant.
  • One-piece design with the anti-crack feature.


  • Expensive than all other brands.
  • Though it is chrome, they nearly look like silver.

How To Choose The Right Spike Lug Nuts?(Buying guide)

Before you buy a set of spike lug nuts, you need to understand if the product is the best match for you. We are providing a short guide that will help you to choose the right spike for your truck.

Thread size

If you don’t know the exact lug nut diameter size of your stock wheel, your money is going to be wasted. Since we are talking about spike lug nuts for truck, we need to know the accurate thread size.

Popular models of truck such as Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Avalanche etc have the thread size M14 x 1.5. In case you are using a different model of truck, read the product description and buyers’ reviews before booking. 

Number of nuts and socket

Most manufacturers sell 24 or 32 lug nuts with a single socket in a set. Some brands offer 2 sockets as well. You should know the number of nuts you truly needed. 

Type of Metal

Though most manufacturers provide anti-rusting metal spike nuts, the steel has a variety of grades.

For instance, SCM 435 alloy, SCM 435 carbon, Q235, SS400, and Chromoly are common types of steel used in lug nut manufacturing.

Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the right one based on your purpose.

Type of Seat

Lug nuts come with three types of seats including conical, ball, and flat. Experts recommend picking a nut set with a 60-degree conical seat because it is more secure and heavily fastened.

Testing Standard

Knowing the testing standard of a manufacturer is crucial because it gives you a primary idea about the product quality.

Some brands apply direct road trial testing to how durable the spikes are in the real situation.

Most manufacturers apply salt spray tests for 48 to 72 hours to figure out the tolerance level of these nuts. It creates a sense of product quality.


The brands that are pretty confident with their product usually offer a warranty. The duration of the warranty is usually from six months to one year.

You should always pick this facility. Check out our list again and find out who is offering a warranty for spike lug nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions (H2)

What Size Spike Lug Nut Is Accurate for Chevy?

Chevy has dozens of models. It is nearly impossible to suggest the right size of spike lug nuts for each model.

We have enlisted a few popular models like Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe Avalanche, etc. during our research. All of these mentioned models fit M14 x 1.5 size thread.

If you own a different model of Chevy and are curious to know the perfect thread size for your lug nuts, it would be wise to contact a distributor. 

Q1. Why do Chevy owners use spike lug nuts?

The most common reason for using lug nuts is their appearance. It makes your car cooler and expresses your bossy personality. It warns the other vehicles not to come closer on the road. Besides, spike protects lug nuts from a variety of weather issues.

Q2. Are spike lug nuts legal?

We found in our research that lug nuts are legal in the USA. They are similar things to bumpers and fenders. So, there is nothing wrong to use them. But, the law may not allow truck owners to use sharp edge spike nuts. 

Q3. Are spike lug nuts safe?

Spike nuts are safe. It is a rare case where spike nuts harm someone. The edge is even blunt. You can buy one without any hesitation. 

Spike lug nuts provide your truck with a unique look and safety. After going through the entire post, we believe, you should finally discover the right lug nut set for your beloved truck.

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