What Does Service StabiliTrak Mean on Chevy Malibu?

While the Chevy Malibu might be one of the most bought vehicles from GM, it isn’t without its faults.  One of these issues is the various internal codes including the Service StabiliTrak that the vehicle displays. 

Service StabiliTrak doesn’t mean a lot other than indicating a sudden loss in traction or ABS wheel speed sensor. If you are frightened by the code display in your Malibu, then don’t start panicking. 

So, has this caught your interest yet? If it has, then you are in the right place to get answers to all your queries. Scroll down below and keep reading patiently!

What does it mean when my Chevy Malibu says service StabiliTrak?

Commands or codes on the Malibu EBCM display are meant to assist the driver by giving them certain warnings depending on the situation. While most drivers rarely notice these commands, it is a crucial feature.

Service StabiliTrak is one such code that plays a highly integral part in your Malibu car. This command is a part of the StabiliTrak driving assisting system that accompanies your Chevy’s driving capabilities. 

If you want to understand why exactly your Chevy Malibu is displaying the Service StabiliTrak code, you can consider a certain scenario. 

Let’s say that you are driving on a very slippery road that has seen snow very recently. If your car is unable to steer in the right direction, it will flash the Service StabiliTrak message on its EMCM display. 

The StabiliTrak makes use of collected data from previous drives to notice if anything is wrong with how the car is driving contrary to how you are steering and what brakes you are applying. 

It detects any problems between the driver’s command and the car’s reaction to flash the warning so that the river can take precautions. 

How Much Does It Cause To Fix A StabiliTrak On Chevy Malibu?

The amount of money that you will be paying for fixing the issue stated by the Service StabiliTrak will depend on the issue itself.

The code is flashed most of the time due to problems in the traction system of the vehicle. This faulty traction may cause the vehicle not to steer the way you want or brake slower than typical.

If you are going to switch the entire Malibu traction switch and system, you might need to pay as much as 125 USD. 

In case, you need to replace smaller parts of the system, you would need to pay anywhere between 30 to 50 USD. Additionally, if you are going to hire mechanics, you will need to pay a labor cost of around 50 USD. 

How do I fix my StabiliTrak Service On Chevy Malibu?

When we are talking about fixing the Service StabiliTrak, we are actually talking about taking certain measures so that the flash code can disappear and the car will work at its best. 

While fixing the command is a little too technical for your average driver, you can follow the steps that we have mentioned below. Note that there might be many more methods to achieving the same task. 

Step 1: Troubleshoot the Service

Before you can solve the problem you need to troubleshoot the Service StabiliTrak for ensuring integrity. You can do so by simply checking on the system calibration. 

If the calibration is fine and the code is still displayed, know that something is really wrong with the service or the traction. 

Step 2: Turn Off the Service And Locate

Turning off the Service StabiliTrak is crucial for getting better manual control of the traction system. Once you have managed to disable the feature, you can locate the part/s that have been causing the issue. 

Step 3: Replace The Traction

Depending on how much of the parts have been damaged or are faulty, you can replace the old parts with newly bought parts or simply replace the entire traction. 

You can also check whether the fuel injector is clogged or whether the spark plus is showing faults. While unrelated to the traction, they can cause the traction to deviate. 

Step 4: Reset The Service

Once you have replaced the faulty parts, you can turn on the Service StabiliTrak. Reset the system to remove the warning flashes on your dashboard if the flashing persists. 

How Do You Reset The StabiliTrak On A Chevy Malibu?

If you are going to replace the Service StabiliTrak, you will be required to follow the following step-by-step procedure that we have compiled below:

Step 1: Turn the handle

Turn the handwheel of the traction switch to the clockwise position. In older models of Malibu that is all, you are required to do. The next steps are required only for newer models of the Chevy Malibu.

Step 2: Turn off the vehicle

Disconnect the power from the vehicle and turn off any power sources. Make sure that the vehicle has been desparked.

Step 3: Wait And Switch On

Wait for a few seconds, about 15 before turning the vehicle’s power supply on. Once on, then you will notice that the StabiliTrak service has been reset.


Service StabiliTrak is an important aspect of the various features included in your Chevy Malibu car. Flashing the service code message is its way of telling that something is wrong with its system.

While not everyone can fix the problem, you are more than welcome to take it up to a professional mechanic. 

However, no matter what, never deactivate the service and drive your car. Also, make sure to never ignore any warning the system gives out! 

This Service StabiliTrak could be the only thing between safety and road accidents!

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