Battery saver active: what does it mean? What do I need to do?

In recent years, cars have been produced that run on batteries. However, many are interested in what battery saver active means. More about are in this article.

What does battery saver active mean?

Often people wonder is the battery saver active. The most common question is: what does it mean when the battery saver active?

This mode means the battery is low. The car partially turns off electrical appliances, which can cause battery drain.

As soon as the battery saver active mode, the information center alerts the driver.

The active system allows you to minimize the current of the battery if a generator is not able to provide enough electric current.

Reasons for activating the mode

As you know, the battery saver active does not turn on just like that. Several factors cause this. More about them, you can read below.

Bad battery

The battery saver active starts working if a weak battery is installed in the vehicle. As soon as the corresponding icon appears on the instrument panel screen, the first thing to do is to check the battery life.

If the battery voltage drops to 12.4 V and below, information is transmitted to the engine control unit.

This starts a shutdown of non-essential systems so that only the most necessary ones work.

First, you need to have a multimeter. This device allows you to find out if the battery voltage is discharged to the desired point. There is a possibility that the reason for starting the battery saver active mode is different.

Bad generator

It is not uncommon for problems that prevent the alternator from charging the battery. This triggers the launch of the battery saver feature.

The signal appears on the dashboard when the car is moving. This suggests that you need to change the generator or check the contact of the generator with the battery.

Battery cables are out of order

If the battery cables become weak or fail, this causes an intermittent current that is supplied to the vehicle’s accessories. It is possible that the wires were subject to corrosion.

Even in the normal state, battery connections can cause problems.

First, you need to clean the battery terminals and treat them with an anti-corrosion coating. 

Why I have battery saver active message: bad battery sensor

The main purpose of the car battery sensor is to regulate and change the electric current that is in the battery.

As soon as the voltage drops to 12.4, the vehicle computer receives the notification. This starts the power-saving mode of the dashboard.

The battery sensor provides measurement and regulation of voltage in the network. If the current is constantly negative, a warning battery saver active message appears on the panel.

If the current is negative, the vehicle’s accessories draw more current than the voltage that comes from the alternator.

How to fix power saving mode?

It is important to decide how to fix the battery saver mode. For more details about the most popular and effective methods, you can read below.

Replacing a failed battery current sensor on the terminals

First, you need to run a diagnostic to understand if the battery sensor is not working properly. If the suspicions are confirmed, it is likely that it is installed incorrectly, or is completely out of order.

If, after changing the battery or alternator, a warning light icon appears on the dashboard, most likely the battery sensor was not installed correctly.

You must connect the sensor to the battery terminal. However, the installation must be done correctly.

Test all connections to find and fix the problem.

It is possible that the negative battery terminal needs to be ground. Only after this, the terminal must be screwed to the car frame.

A complete replacement of the battery current sensor may be required. This is important when the warning light comes on while the vehicle is moving.

However, first, you need to make sure that the generator is working and serviceable.

Fixing connections that are loose

If more and more beacons about battery saver active message mode on the dashboard began to appear, it means that the battery is connected weakly and poorly.

To fix the problem, it is recommended to fix the bolts on the terminals, as well as clean them from corrosion. If there is a lot of rust, a complete replacement of the terminals may be required.

Replacing a failed battery

If the battery is low, a warning appears on the dashboard more and more often.

If the energy-saving function is active, however, the car does not start, it is recommended to change the bad battery.

Check the bad battery first. This allows you to understand whether the battery is to blame, or whether the generator is damaged.

Checking a car battery is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Turn off the electricity in the car, as well as the ignition.
  2. Set the DMM to 20V DC.
  3. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal and the red wire to the battery.
  4. Examine the result. The voltage of a battery that is working properly is over 12.4V.

If the readings are lower, the battery needs to be charged.

If this does not give the desired result, it requires a complete replacement. There are several ways to test a car battery.

Replacing a bad generator

It is important to pay attention to the health of the generator.

If other reasons are not confirmed, you need to check the generator. This can be done in the following steps:

  1. Turn off the engine and components that run on electricity.
  2. Clean the battery terminals to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating. Otherwise, the results are incorrect.
  3. Connect the terminals according to the instructions that were described in the previous method for correcting the problem. Then start the car. It should show 14.2-14.7 V.
  4. Start all headlights, lanterns, and other items that run on electricity. Measure again. They must be at least 13 V.
  5. Turn off the generator and check the readings. It must be greater than 12.6 V. If the readings are lower, then the generator needs to be replaced.


As you know, the battery power-saving mode raises many questions. The most popular of them about battery life we describe below.

Does battery saver mode mean I need a new battery?

If the battery saver mode is activated, it is not necessary to completely change it.

First, you need to conduct the necessary tests, and then make a decision.

In most cases, the mode activation battery saver active message occurs for other reasons.

What does battery saver active mean on Chevy Colorado?

This means that there is not enough charge in the battery. For the car to start the next time the ignition is turned on, the vehicle goes into power-saving mode.

It turns off all accessories that run on electricity to save energy.

How do I turn off the battery saver?

If you need to turn off the power-saving mode, you have to work a little. First fix the problem because the mode starts automatically.

You should also clean the terminals from corrosion, or tighten loose connections.


As you can see, battery saver mode is triggered for various reasons. Often the problem lies in the battery or alternator. First, you need to conduct all the checks and fix the problem. If you cannot do this yourself, contact the service center.

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