F150 Center Console Swap: Everything Covered

Do you like the 40/20/40 seating? If your answer is no and you are looking for a way to swap your f150 center console then this is the article for you. We understand why the desire for a jump seat fades over time. 

But long story short, this article covers the steps of f150 center console swap.

You start by removing your passenger seat. This is for better reach of the consoles. Next, you remove the trims of your console. After that, you finally remove the center panel. Your plugs and buttons should be removed next from the old panel and then grab your new console and connect everything to it. 

But is this a strict sequence? Well, you have to read this article to find out. 

How To Swap Your Center Console

How To Swap Your Center Console

Before we get into the process of swapping the center console of your Ford f150, the following is the picture of a center console marked by some of its key components.

Following are the steps of swapping your f150 center console with a new one.

Tools Required:

  • 7mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • Console
  • Prying tools
  • Mounting Brackets

Step 01: First you have to remove the passenger seats. Go under the passenger seat and you will find a bolt. You have to grab the 13mm socket and remove the bolts.

Step 02: Now depending on the year of your Ford f150 either you have to just lift the seat and remove it (2003 Ford f150) or press the plug beneath it and remove the seats (2015 Ford f150). 

Step 03: Alright next you have to start removing the console parts one by one. You can start with the top trim. Grab the prying tool and remove the top trim. Make sure only to pry on the thick portions.

Step 04: After removing the top trim, you will find two screws. Loosen and remove both of them and pull the center panel out.

Step 05: Next remove the four screws adjacent to the side trims and remove the side trims as well. 

Step 06: Now remove both the bottom trim by removing the bolts and pulling them out.

Step 07: Finally, remove the parts like the charging port, or buttons in the old panel and put them in the new console. 

Step 07: Next connect back the new panel with the side, center, upper and bottom trim properly.

Step 08: With your new center console connected back properly, bring the passenger seat and put it back in its position. 

Step 09: Now start the engine and check if the new center console is working properly.  

We want to clarify that while you are removing the console parts, you can do it on any order. You can start with the bottom trim or start with the top trim as we mentioned. It is entirely up to you and does not affect the swapping process.

However, make sure to keep track of the bolt sizes once you remove it from the trims. This is important when you start installing the new console. 

Granted that sometimes your f150 comes with a jump seat and you won’t like to keep it. Well, can you swap your f150 40/20/40 setup with a bucket seat? Yes, you can. 

Following are the steps of the f150 jump seat to center console swap

Step 01: Remove the passenger seats as mentioned in the previous guideline. 

Step 02: Next you will find the mounting bolts attached to your jump seats. Loosen and remove these bolts using a 13mm socket and then remove the jump seat itself.

Step 03: Now remove the console components as discussed in the previous guideline.

Step 04: Bring the new console and start installing it on your f150.

Step 05: After installing it entirely, connect back to the passenger seat.

Step 06: Now, start your engine and check if the center console is working properly.

So with that, you know how to swap the center console in your Ford f150. But can you just swap with any center console model?

Well, we’ve prepared a table to help you get all the answers related to center consoles. 

GenerationConsoles That Will Work
9th generation [1992 – 1997]2003 – 2006 Ford Expedition
10th generation [1997 – 2004]1997 – 2002 Ford Expedition1998 – 2002 Lincoln Navigator1999 – 2007 Ford f250 
11th generation [2004 – 2008]2003 – 2006 Ford Expedition2003 – 2006 Lincoln Navigator1999 – 2007 Ford f250
12th generation [2008 – 2014]2007 – 2017 Ford Expedition2007 – 2017 Lincoln Navigator2008 – 2010 Ford f2502011 – 2016 Ford f250
13th generation [2015 – 2020]2007 – 2017 Ford Expedition2007 – 2017 Lincoln Navigator2017 – Present Ford f250
14th generation [2021 – Present] 2018 – Present Ford Expedition2018 – Present Lincoln Navigator2017 – Present Ford f250

Mostly, it depends on the generation of the ford trucks. For example, you can swap the center console of the ‘97 f150 for that of the ‘98 Ford Expedition. 

You need to keep in mind that it is better to swap within the same generation as the location of the bolt may vary based on generation. 

However, in cases like the 9th generation f150, you can see it has a 2003-2006 Ford Expedition. In cases like this, you will find that the center console usually doesn’t entirely fit the dimensions.

Whenever that happens you can grind or just see it. But then again, we only suggest doing that if you have experience with such work. 

Situations Where You Need To Swap the Center Console of f150

Alright before you get into swapping the center console, take a step back and ask yourself “Do you even need to swap the center console?”. Maybe you do. 

But you gotta look for signs that show you may need to swap your Ford f150’s center console. 

Following are situations where swapping the center console of the Ford f150 is needed. 

You Like Bucket Seats Better:

Sometimes you end up buying a Ford f150 that comes with a 40/20/40 or jump seat arrangement. But what if you just don’t want them anymore? 

If you are hesitating with your decision or don’t have any use for the jump seat then stop everything and get it replaced. Because this is a sign that your Ford f150 is going to need a center console swap. 

Malfunctioning Console Buttons:

If your center console buttons are damaged, it is a sign that you need to change the center console system. Granted that, you can change the buttons or get it repaired.

But maybe you need more diagnosis. Now how do you find that out? If your console system is getting damaged on a regular basis, this is an indication that you need to swap your consoles. 

What To Consider While Swapping Your Center Console

Before swapping your center console, the following are some of the points you need to consider

Seating condition of the Truck:

  • Check the seating condition in your truck. For example for 60/40 seats you will be needing a new bucket seat
  • Check the bolting of the seats on the passenger side when looking for a replacement bucket seat
  • Check if the seat belts are integrated into the seats. Depending on the year of your Ford f150, you may have to remove the seat belts as well. While you remove your seat belts, make sure not to snap the plastic cover of the seat belts. 

Console Shapes:

  • Check if the top consolers are wide or narrow because standard bucket seats prefer wide top consoles
  • If you want to swap with a center console that is slightly larger than the space available, you can grind it or cut it with a saw. 

Plug-In & Wiring Related Conundrum:

  • Make sure to plug in the USB hub properly
  • Check if the mounting bolts line up properly with the center seat bolts 
  • Check the ignition wire for the steering system in the harness. If there isn’t anything, you can use the ignition wire in the harness of any other system.

F150 Center Console Swap Cost

Typically the console itself might cost you anywhere from $50-$500 but the overall shipping or extra tools cost should cost you about $500.

If you go to a servicing center, it will be around $700. Either way, you have to spend around or more than $1000 to get your Ford f150 center console swapped. 

So, Ford f150 can come with problems like your sunroof not closing or clicking noise but when it comes to center console swapping, you know how to do it now. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Swap the Center Console of the f250 with the f150?

Yes, you can. It is possible to swap the center console of the f250. One of the main steps in swapping the center console is checking the consoles that will work, due to the dimension you can use the f250 center console to swap with the Ford f150. 

Can I Swap the Center Console of the ‘97 f150 for the ‘04 f150?

Yes, usually it is possible to swap the center console of a ‘97 f150 for a 2004 Ford f150. This is because both of these are in the same generation. Normally, it is possible to swap center consoles within a generation. 

Is It Possible to Swap Back To 40/20/40 from Bucket Seat?

Of course, you can swap back to having a jump seat in your Ford f150. Just make sure to remove the passenger seat again and remove the consoles. Put back the jump seat in its place and tighten the bolt connection.  


Alright we hope that now you know everything about your Ford f150 center console swap. 

Regardless of the generation, the steps are easy to follow. Make sure to look for the signs, upgrade it properly and know which consoles will work on your Ford f150.

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