275 55r20 Vs 275 60r20: Know the Differences!

In the tire industry, 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 are both popular sizes. A wide range of vehicles can be fitted with 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 tires.

So, what are the differences between 275 55r20 vs 275 60r20? 

The 275 55r20 has a shorter diameter, and circumference than the 275 60r20. The 60r20 has a taller sidewall with a 5% increase in the aspect ratio and a 3.3% decrease in the speedometer. So, the 55r20 will have increased handling, speed, and sporty driving experience. But the 60r20 triumphs in load capacity and provides better off-road, cushioned driving performance.

This was just a quick attempt. For a detailed explanation of each difference, read the entire article.

275 55r20 Vs 275 60r20: A Sneek Peak of Key Differences 

In order to illustrate the difference between 275 55R20 and 275 60R20, we have divided the difference into four parts. 

The tire size index is composed of these four terms. By breaking down 275 55R20 into its component parts, we get – 

  • Tire width in meters is represented by 275
  • The aspect ratio of 55 is the height-to-width ratio
  • A construction type is represented by the letter R
  • The number 20 refers to the diameter of the rim in inches

This means that 275 60R20 tires won’t differ much from 275 55R20 tires, unlike the difference between 265 75r16 and 285 75r16. Prior to discussing the whole issue, let’s get to know the differences quickly.

Features 275 55r20 275 60r20 
Sidewall Height (Inches)5.95 inch6.5 inch 
Aspect Ratio55%60%
Rev Per mile (KM)632.04611.03
Circumference (Inches)100.25 inch103.65 inch
Max Tire Pressure36 psi36 psi
Diameter (Inches)31.9 inch33 inch 
Width (Inches)10.83 10.83
Handling and GripBetterGood
Max Load Capacity(at 36 psi)2535 lbs2679 lbs 
Load Index111114
Winter PerformanceGoodBetter
Off-Road PerformanceGoodBetter
Tread section width10.8 inch10.8 inch
Price $240 to $380$260 to $380

275 55r20 vs 275 60r20: Detailed Comparison

Now it’s time to discuss the factors in a broader manner. So that you can get to know the differences properly. 

Sidewall Height: 

The sidewall height of 275 55r20 is 5.95 inches. On the other hand, 275 60r20 comes with 6.5 inches sidewall heights. That goes to prove that the latter version(275 60r20) has a greater tire aspect ratio than the older version(275 55r20). 

A taller sidewall will provide a smooth and cushioned ride. The 60r20 has the advantage of that. But, a shorter one gives better steering response and cornering experience, giving 50r20 an upper hand in the driving segment.

Rev Per Mile (KM):

There is another important difference between these two tires in terms of revs per mile. In comparison, 275 55r20 tires rev 632 revolutions per mile, while 275 60r20 tires rev 611 revolutions per mile. 


The 275 55r20 has a circumference of 100.25 inches and the 60r20 has a slightly larger coverage of 103.65 inches. A stock 55r20 has an average speed of 62.14 mph while a 60r20 has a speedometer reading of 60.10 mph.

Grip And Handling:

The 275 55r20 will provide better grip and handling than the larger 275 60r20, which is the same for 265 70r16 and 265 75r16.  As grip and handling are related to the lateral force and resistance of the vehicle, a tire with a smaller aspect ratio will give better performance.

Tire Traction:

The size of the tire is irrelevant in tire traction, rather UTQG ratings actually measure how a tire performs well on a wet surface. So, whichever tire you get, always get one with an AA rating for the best traction.

Gas Mileage:

The 275 55r20 will have slightly better gas mileage than the 275 60r20. But, the size of the tires is the same, just the inner ratio is different, the same as difference in ratio between 275 70r18 and 275 65r18. So, the difference in mileage will be insignificant.

Vehicle Demands:

A tire with a smaller aspect ratio is suited for smaller SUVs and sporty trucks. Likewise, a tire with a bigger aspect ratio will be well suited for larger SUVs and trucks with towing capacity. So, the r275 55r20 will be best for an on-road smooth drive while the 60r20 will fit the requisite for off-road experiences.

Snow Driving:

Instead of the aspect ratio, tread design is the most important thing for a tire for snow-driving compatibility. Both the 275 55r20 and 275 50r20 will have bad performance if they are not rated for severe snow service.


The 275 55r20 has a price range of $240 to $380 per tire depending on various brands and quality. The 275 60r20 is slightly in the expensive area, having a range of $260 to $380.

So, Which One is Better?

Determining which tire is better, the 275/55R20 or the 275/60R20, depends on your specific driving needs and preferences.

275/55R20 may be a better choice if you prioritize on-road performance and handling. It may be better to go with the 275/60R20 if you want to prioritize off-road performance or a more comfortable ride.

Always consult a tire professional or check your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines before selecting a proper tire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does 275 55R20 mean?

The tire size notation “275 55R20” indicates that the tire has a tread width of 275 millimeters. The aspect ratio of the tire is 55% and it’s designed to fit a wheel with a diameter of 20 inches.

Can I use 60 instead of 55 tires?

Indeed, the sidewall size of a tire may differ slightly from its nominal size. It will increase about 10.25mm in sidewall height when you switch from 55 to 60.

Does rim size affect tire size?

Yes, rim size affects tire size. So, when you alter the size of your rims, you’ll also need to replace your tires with ones that fit the new rim size. 


Now, you know all the differences between 275 55r20 vs 275 60r20.

If you wish to pick the best one for you, you should read through the discussion provided in the article. It may seem like a small difference, but it has a profound impact. Happy driving!

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