265/75R16 VS 285/75R16 Tire Size: What Is The Difference?

While car experts know about various brands of tires, they forget to know the tire size index. The tire size index is marked on the sidewall and one can find useful information about the tire just by looking at it. But you have to know what it expresses first.

We don’t want anyone to be ashamed of not knowing the tire size index. It is quite normal that won’t know. The good thing is you are about to learn the tire size index along with the difference between 265 75R16 and 285 75R16 in this article anyway. So, stick to the very end of this article.   

A Comprehensive Differentiation Between 265/75R16 and 285/75R16

As the tire size index 4 aspects, we are going to distribute the difference between 265/75R16 and 285/75R16 into 4 parts, which are – width, aspect ratio, construction type, and rim diameter.

Let’s consider tire size 265/75R16 and see what we find from this index – 

  • 265 stands for – Tire width in meters
  • 75 stands for – The aspect ratio of height/width
  • R stands for – Construction type
  • 16 stands for – Rim diameter in inches

To know more about the tire size index, try reading our article on 285/70R17 vs 285/75R17. Now, let’s jump into the comparison.  


The width of a tire is the first number of the tire size index. To know the width, you have to measure the sidewall of the tire to the opposite one. It is measured in millimeters straight from the tire manufacturers. And the digit in the tire size index representing width is precise.

Considering both 265/75R16 and 285/75R16, the first digits are different. The first digit of one tire is 265 and the first digit of the other one is 285. It means the width of one tire is 265 millimeters while the other one is 285 millimeters wide. Thus, there is a difference of 285 – 265 = 20 millimeters in their width.

Aspect Ratio

When there is this big difference in the width, you may not need to compare other aspects. The aspect ratio is the second digit of the tire size index. It is expressed in percent and you can get it by finding the proportion of the height and width of the tire. Then you need to multiply the proportion by 100. The equation is something like below – 

Aspect Ratio of Tire = Height/Width x 100%  

The second digits of both 265/75R16 and 285/75R16 are 75. Meaning, the heights of both tires are 75% of their widths. Thus, there is no difference in the aspect ratio.  

Construction Type

Judging by both 265/75R16 and 285/75R16 tires, we find the same letter ‘R’. It informs that both tires have Radial Construction. As a result, they are both radial type tires. Usually, such tires have a refined construction with square shaped footprints.

Basically, there are often two letters that can be seen in the tire size index. One is ‘R’, which stands for radial type. And the other one is ‘B’ that represents bias ply type tires. In bias ply tires, the nylon thread lines are angled at 30 to 45 degrees. These have different construction than the radial types.  

Rim Diameter

The very last digit of the tire size index indicates the rim diameter. It is an important aspect of the tire in determining its compatibility. The car’s rim goes into the rim diameter. 

When we compare the last digit of 265/75R16 and 285/75R16, we get the same number 16. As the rim diameter is expressed in inches, both tires have a rim diameter of 16 inches. So, if you are not bothered with the other aspects, you can get any one of these tires for a 16-inch rim.

Wrapping Up With a Detailed Comparison Table of Tire Size 265/75R16 and 285/75R16

Yes, we have to think about the audience who don’t have enough time to read the whole article. Therefore, we came up with this 265 75R16 vs 285 75R16 comparison table.   

Section width10.4 inch11.2 inch+0.8 inch (+7.5%)
Overall diameter31.6 inch32.8 inch+1.2 inch (+3.7%)
Circumference99.4 inch103.1 inch+3.7 inch (+3.7%)
Revs per km637.2614.3-22.9 (-3.6%)
Sidewall height7.8 inch8.4 inch+0.6 inch (+7.5%)
Aspect Ratio7575 0 (0%)

As you can see, there are changes in all the aspects of these tires. All these changes lead the ground clearance to differ by 0.6 inches and the diameter by 3.7% (greater than 3%). So, it would not be a wise decision to switch from 265/75R16 to 285/75R16 without numerous trials. 

To find the difference between 265 75R16 and 285 75R16 in terms of front and sideways, take a look at these pictures –  


By reading this article, you know what is best for your car as you know the difference between 265/75R16 and 285/75R16 as well as what the tire size index is. And you may also understand that tire replacement won’t be a good idea when there is a change in the width.

All the tires of your car must have the same width. This is important when you are turning the car and when you are driving off the road. We believe you will make a smart decision to change from 265/75R16 to 285/75R16 after reading this article.

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