What is the reason for the malfunction of the ESP BAS light jeep sensor?

Today is a beautiful day and you are driving with your family on a scenic route. Suddenly, a light with the letters ESP BAS light came on on the dashboard. Your dashboard is filled with many warning lights that indicate a problem. These problems can be mechanical or electrical.

You have seen the letters ESP BAS light up on the dashboard, but you do not know what this ESP BAS light means because you have not seen these letters light up on the dashboard before. Next, you want to know what the ESP BAS light indicator means, what is causing it, and how to fix it. Read on to find out all about them.

ESP BAS light

What causes ESP BAS light to come on?

As stated earlier, when the warning light comes on, it indicates a problem. In addition, when the ESP BAS light lamp comes on, it indicates a malfunction of the electronic stability control system or the brake assist program, or both systems.

These systems can be a minor issue that can be fixed on your own if you have an OBD scanner.

These faults are what cause the ESP BAS light to come on and are discussed below.

What does ESP mean on a jeep?

As with any major vehicle problem, you will need to read your Wrangler’s diagnostic trouble codes. You can use a good code scanner or you can take it to your local parts store and see if they scan it for you. Most of them enjoy doing it.

You will need a scanner that can read codes from the wheel speed sensor, ESP BAS system, and chassis sensors. If you decide to purchase a code scanner, just be aware that the cheaper ones only read engine codes. This is normal in most cases, but the issue causing the ESP BAS light to come on is not engine related. Once you get the codes, this will narrow down the list of what you need to repair.

Steering Angle Sensor problems

Modern cars are equipped with upgraded electronics and various built-in sensors. As a result, different car models face many problems.

A problem with the steering angle sensor is one of the common causes of the ESP BAS light. However, the steering angle sensor is responsible for making sure your Jeep Liberty’s steering wheel speed sensor works in proper harmony with the steering wheel sensor on the ground.

On the other hand, if the light goes out, it means that the contact is closed again. The ESP BAS light indicator lights up when driving over bumps or potholes. Solution: Taking care of the steering angle sensor is easy. First, check the connections with an ohmmeter. A good reading means the steering angle sensor is good. A bad reading indicates a broken sensor.

This way, the tire will point forward. Fortunately, the steering angle sensor will start working as it should. At the same time, the ESP BAS light indicator will turn off, and you can drive the car without any problems.

Wheel speed steering angle sensor

The ESP BAS light systems measure the wheel speed sensor of all four wheels of your Wrangler.

When the wheel speed sensor is no longer the same, they will take corrective action to make sure you maintain control of the car.

They are easy to replace and have their own diagnostic codes, which is why the scanner is so important.

Brake switch failure

Every time you apply the brake switch and your car slows down, the brake switch lights at the rear of the car come on. This is to tell vehicles behind you that you have a brake switch and your car will slow down so they can slow down or leave the lane behind your car.

Since there is no way to know if the brake light is working properly due to the location of the brake light, your car has developed a way to let you know by turning on the ESP BAS warning light. So, every time the ESP BAS light comes on, it’s possible that your brake switch is faulty and your brake lights can’t be turned on.

Wiring problems

There are a lot of wires going between all the sensors and the ABS control module. The wires to the ABS wheel speed sensors go to the steering wheel speed sensors and sometimes they get damaged. This is not very common in new car models as the wiring is often very protected, but it can still happen if you are unlucky.

How to reset the ESP BAS indicator?

The ESP BAS light is a warning light on the instrument panel that indicates a problem with the engine power supply.

The most common cause of the ESP BAS light is an open or poor connection between the engine control module (ECM) and the base station.

Esp BAS Light fix

If you see an “ESP BAS” light on you, it might be time to take some corrective action before something more serious happens, like your car won’t start at all! Follow these simple steps to fix the cause. Hope this resolves any issue that causes the fixing ESP BAS light to come on! If not, please continue reading for more detailed instructions.

  • Disconnect all electrical connections from your base station.
  • Remove any obstructions around the base station connector.
  • Reconnect ALL electrical connectors to your base station.
  • Replace ANY defective components in the base station connector.
  • Reset the procedure by turning off the vehicle and reconnecting all electrical cables.

What does ESP BAS engine light mean?

The electronic stability program light is an indicator on the dashboard that says two things: ESP and BAS. The illumination of any indicator or number indicates a malfunction of one or more components of the vehicle, whether it be a minor malfunction or a serious malfunction that could lead to a serious accident.

When you start the car, the ESP BAS light pops on the dashboard and may come on for a very short time to check the bulb.

But when any of the warning lights come on and don’t go off immediately, it indicates a problem with that component or a related component in the vehicle.


Electronic stability program and brake assist program are safety mechanisms used in vehicles to keep the vehicle under the control of the driver. In this step, we have explained the meaning of the ESP BAS system indicator and how to fix it. Whenever this light comes on on the instrument cluster, find the culprit and fix it as soon as possible.

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